Toy-Ventures: Vintage Toy Hunt and Haul

Vintage Toy Hunt and Haul. Toy-Ventures returns with a recap of nearly 3 weeks of hunting flea markets, Antique malls and toy shops looking for treasure. I saw a lot of cool stuff I’d like to share. Along the way, I picked up an eclectic haul of Mego and Knock-Off figures along with some oddball […]

Palitoy Commander Power Advertisement

I love this amazing UK comic ad for Palitoy Commander Power. In 1978, Palitoy who were still selling 12″ GI Joe under the Action Man banner (and doing ver well) took Hasbro’s latest incarnation of Joe, now called Super Joe, and rebranded it as Commander Power. Three figures from the US line were brought over, […]

Palitoy Commander Power; Fearless Defender of the Galaxy

Fortune smiled on me last month in the form of managing to pick up a Commander Power action figure.  Known to us kids as Super Joe, the British toy firm Palitoy made some fun changes to the line such as marketing the characters (Palitoy only selected 3 Super Joe characters) in large boxes and more […]

Dolls: Big Figures from Fantasy!

I recently came across this wonderful article about action figures circa 1977, it mentions Micronauts, Pulsar, Metal Man, Electroman, Stretch Monster, Shogun Warriors and their impact on the toy market place. It features interviews with not only toy buyers but toy makers from Hasbro, Mego, Zee Toys and Mattel. Seeing as these are things that […]

1979 Palitoy Commander Power Catalog (Super Joe)

In 1976, Hasbro Toys had abandoned the G.I. Joe action figure , the following year Joe returned 4 inches shorter and now in the future as “Super Joe” which lasted two brief years. Hasbro’s UK distributor Palitoy (Who was still busy selling 12″ Joes as Action Man) decided to release Super Joe into the United […]

Hasbro Super Joe Concept Art

Long ago, I saw these amazing pieces of original Super Joe concept art on Ebay, I regretted not putting a bid in and never got even proper shots of them for the site. As luck would have it, the winner of the auction was none other than my pal John “Toyzilla” Marshall and he graciously […]

Super Joe meets Godzilla

Seeing as it’s Christmas eve, I’m going to hurry up and do a few of my favourites before I shut down for the year. This piece featuring Hasbro Super Joe (an underrated line IMHO) features Shogun Warriors Godzilla, for no good reason but it totally works. This is what I miss about catalogs…. More on […]

1977 Hasbro Super Joe Catalog

After folding the G.I. Joe Adventure Team in 1976, Hasbro sought to give their rugged man of action a massive overhaul. Thus SuperJoe was born, bearing little resemblence to the soldier of the past, Joe had lost four inches of height and the G.I prefix. Superjoe was now set in the far off future and […]

Super Joe Toy Gallery

Created a new gallery for that often forgotten era in G.I. Joe’s history known as Super Joe, the era when Joe got shorter and was blasted off into the distant future to do battle with “Gor King of the Terrons” (incidentally, Gor was only the second villian Joe ever had but not the first alien).The […]

Toy Questions Part 2: Super Joe

Another recurring contributor to my mail bag is Super Joe, I get email from folks from time to time that say: “I had this 8 inch tall Micronaut, he lit up, who was he?”- His name is Luminous and he’s part of Hasbro’s short lived GI Joe revamp called Super Joe. Luminous is clear like […]