Toy-Ventures is a new publication coming to you from PlaidStallions press, who brought you MegoZine and Rack Toys: Cheap Crazed Playthings.

What it is: T0y-Ventures is an old skool print toy magazine featuring toys and action figures from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s in a comprehensive manner.

Each issue will feature collector guides, rare photographs, interviews, and articles by some of the toy experts in the Collector Field. it’s a quarterly celebration of our childhood friends!

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Issue #3 continues Toy-Ventures mission and has a stunning cover illustration by Tim Baron (@timbaronart):

Beware His Stingray Eyes-

Tony Roberts host of the analog toys channel on YouTube tells the story behind the development of Action Man’s greatest Foe Captain Zargon.

Megobase Alpha-

We take a detailed look at Mego and Palitoy’s wonderful Space:1999 range with a complete collector guide including the line’s history and development, all known variations, knock offs and it’s resurrection in the 2000s.

The Challenge Machines-

Leave it to Popy of Japan to take the Evel Knievel toy concept and some homegrown tv heroes to the mix. Corey LeChat gives a beautiful look at these winning toys, you’ll want to play with them!

The Art of Mego Superheroes

Chris Franklin has created a knockout piece sourcing the iconic origins of Mego’s World’s Greatest Superheroes brand.

Collector Spotlight

Our first interviewee is pop culture author John “Toyzilla” Marshall as we talk about the hobby and show examples from his incredible, eclectic collection.

Toy-Ventures Guide to Lincoln International Monsters

The centerpiece of issue 3 is an exhaustively researched guide to this incredible and highly collectible line of Monster Toys, including company history and a visual guide to every known figure and packaging variation.

As a reward for pre-ordering, we are offering a limited edition Captain Zargon Iron-On based on Tim Baron’s amazing cover art. Supplies are limited on this and this promotional item will not be sold separately.

Subsequent issues will cover toys from Mego, Hasbro, Remco, Ideal, Lincoln International, Tomland, Palitoy, Kenner, Matchbox and more with guest articles written by some of the top collectors in the field.