Toy-Ventures is a new publication coming to you from PlaidStallions press, who brought you MegoZine and Rack Toys: Cheap Crazed Playthings.

What it is: It’s an old skool toy magazine featuring toys and action figures from the 1960s, 70s and 80s in a comprehensive manner.

Each issue will feature collector guides, rare photographs, interviews and articles by some of the toy experts in the Collector Field.

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Issue #1 will be a salute to the cebrated toy company
Azrak-Hamway International or AHI
and topics will include:

23rd Century Tech Made Affordable
How AHI turned Star Trek’s phasers and the USS Enterprise into major profits.

The Guide to World Famous Super Monsters
The most comprehensive gallery of AHI’s Universal Monsters action figure compiling every known figure and packaging variant plus we even delve into company history and solve a few mysteries.

Now, SkyDive Like Apes!
The weird world of AHI’s Planet of the Apes toys.

I wanted the Best!
Steve recalls his long journey to own the fabled AHI KISS microphone.

The Future is Fantastic!-
A deep dive into the world of Space:1999 merchandise including some toys owned by Martin Landau himself.

Crime Fighting Drop Zone-

We talk about the long running series of Super Heroes on Parachautes including card variations and prototypes.

Subsequent issues will cover toys from Mego, Hasbro, Remco, Ideal, Lincoln International, Tomland, Matchbox and more with guest articles written by some of the top collectors in the field.