Plaid Stallions Toy-Ventures magazine Issue 11: Tonka Steel Monsters

Plaid Stallions Toy-Ventures magazine Issue 11: Tonka Steel Monsters


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 11 features Tonka Steel Monsters.

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Toy-Ventures Issue 11


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue #11 is now available this listing comes directly from the publisher. You are getting a mint brand new copy of this magazine straight from the source. 

Each copy ordered comes with a free collectible Steel Monsters air freshener, which smells like grapes. (supplies are limited) 

Articles in this Issue:

The Faked Crusader

Redbox Batman may be the first Batman Knock-Off ever.

Sky Guy: Mego Man of Mystery

A mystery man no more, meet Sky Guy, made by Mego and sold by Schaper.

Sandbox Apocalypse

Exploring the Tonka Steel Monsters, a post-apocolyptic 80s toy line that deserves more love. Rare photos and interviews with Tonka designers on this fantastic line.

Toy-Ventures Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Toys 

Mego Dr. Zaius takes us through the forbidden zone of post nuclear wasteland toy lines.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Softness

The Mego Super Softies were a super flop in 1974, but we still love them.

Super Joe Part 5

 We conclude our series by looking at the fashion and Halloween items produced for the Hasbro Super Joe toy line..

The Loch Ness Mystery 

Raymond Castile’s Basement of Horror takes us on a wee journey to solve a childhood mystery about Nessie merchandise.

The Perils of Superman

Chris Franklin’s first installment of his “The Way We Played” column is the adventures of his Mego Superman.

Skeleton Power

Chance Priest shares the Skeleton Warriors knockoff he likes better than the real thing.

Mego Planet of the Apes Part 7 

The final chapter of our look at Mego Planet of the Apes in the US focuses on playsets and the mystery of the boxed figures.


Toy-Verntures Issue 11

Burly Bath Buds

Chris Thornsberry tells us the history of Kenner’s charming Li’l Loggers and their incredible creator.

Mall of Justice Moment

Jason Lenzi (of Pod Stallions) and his aunt encounter Cylons in Los Angeles.

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About Toy-Ventures Magazine:

Did you miss print toy collector magazines? So did we and that’s why we created Toy-Ventures magazine in 2020.

Toy-Ventures magazine is an old-school full-colour print toy collector-focused publication featuring toys and action figures from the 1960s to the 1990s.

From the people who brought “Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings” and “Knock-Offs: Totally Unauthorized Action Figures” and the Brick Mantooth YouTube channel, Toy-Ventures is a “deep dive” into vintage and retro toys. 

Each issue of Toy-Ventures magazine will feature collector guides, rare photographs, interviews, and articles by some of the toy experts in the Collector Field. It’s a quarterly celebration of our childhood friends!

Photos and toys in this issue include: 

Redbox Batman, Schaper Sky Guy, Jigglers, L’il Loggers, Redbox Astronaut, Tonka Steel Monsters, Gor King of the Terrons, Collegeville costumes, The Shield, Metal Face, Ben Cooper costumes, Mego Superman, Mego Lone Ranger, Talking Super Softies, Mego Spider-Man

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Toy-Ventures Metal Face Air Freshener

Toy-Ventures Metal Face Air Freshener


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