5 Awesome Things on eBay this Week

Black Hole Signal Flashers from Shreddies Cereal- These are a Canadian cereal premium from Shreddies or as I called it as a kid, wall paper paste. Shreddies did a Mego action figure promo that year and folks, I ate a ton of it, thank God for sugar. REMCO POWERIZED MICKEY MOUSE RANCH This is an […]

Toy-Ventures: Torpedo Fist from Big Jim’s Wolfpack!

Our focus this week is one of the top agents in the Professional Agents Crime Killers (or P.A.C.K) , the amazing Torpedo Fist. We talk about the evolution of Mattel’s Big Jim, the birth of the PACK, Jack Kirby, the launch of “Double Trouble”, Torpedo Fist’s origin story and even touch how the character ended […]

Toy-Ventures 14: Hombre Bionico from Kid Acero (Cipsa Toys)

Toy-Ventures this week talks about the incredible Hombre Bionico from the Mexican series “Kid Acero” which is based on Mattel’s Big Jim.   We get into why I think this is the greatest incarnation of Big Jim and showcase some of the cool figures that were done fromn1976 to 1980.  Trust me, these are the figures […]

Review: Big Jim : A World of Adventures

As a kid of the early 1970s, Big Jim rocked my world. I’m also happy I have video evidence of me receiving a Big Jim for Christmas in 1974. As you can see, I’m pretty happy with the guy. As a lover of collector books, i’ve always felt Big Jim was kind of ….underserved. (more […]

The Zython from Mattel’s Space:1999 line.

The Zython was offered in the 1977 Mattel Catalog as an alien character to go alongside with Mattel’s Space:1999 action figure line. It never appeared in the series but was a rather welcome addition to the line which desperately needed more flair. However, sales on Space:1999 merch weren’t strong enough to warrant a wide release and […]

Big Jim, Big Playsets

The smell of that vinyl is forever ingrained into my brain as happiness. Also, I did grow up thinking I’d have my own personal “Kung Fu Studio” New Six Million Dollar Man Shirt in our Redbubble store! Don’t forget to join our new facebook group. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

A piece of the StarLost– “The Starlost” was this Canadian Science Fiction show that Harlan Ellison created (and violently disowned, go figure), it’s all shot on videotape and well, it looks like a Doctor Who where not much happens. They played this show a bajillion times thanks to “CanCon” laws (a certain segment of your […]

Five Awesome Things on Ebay this week

Dragomovil– In Mexico, Dr. Steel is Big Jim’s enemy and he’s called “Doctor Drago” and it’s all more awesome there for some reason, it just is. I had one of these, sealed with the plastic and everything. I sold it when my first kid was born, I’m sure I had a good reason. I don’t […]

I Love Action Figures in Karate Outfits

(Many thanks to my friend Eddie for this awesome image above)  The Martial Arts explosion of the early 1970s was not lost on action figures, growing up in this time, it gave me a lifelong obsession with the culture.  It also turned out to be a real positive influence in my life, so I’ve decided […]