Toy-Ventures Magazine on Global News

    Toy-Ventures Magazine recently was featured on Global News in Canada (where Toy-Ventures is based) and the story went national. You can check it out here. We’re very grateful to Frazer Snowden and the Global News team for this vital exposure as a small start-up it was deeply appreciated.       PlaidStallions Toy-Ventures […]

1975 Child World Flyer -Mego-Fisher Price-Evel Knievel-Star Trek

As far as 70s toystores go, none are as far remembered and beloved as Childworld, a chain which had at one point 180 stores across the united states. This 1975 flier preserves what they had to offer during that time including the greats like Mego Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. This is the […]

5 Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

Battlestar Galactica Lasermatic Rifle- This isn’t an easily found item, also it has nothing to do with the series itself but hey, that happened a lot in the 70s.     Welcome Back Kotter Vinny Babarino Watch– It’s always “What-O-Clock” with this fashionable gem. Seriously, how was this a thing?   King Kong Little Walker […]

5 Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

AHI Fantastic Four Water Gun– As a collector of AHI and the author of a book about Rack Toys, I can honestly tell you, this sucker is RARE! Like, i wasn’t sure it existed until i saw it. The Fantastic Four Stuff did not get much distribution and I am in awe of this. Ben […]

Toy-Ventures: AHI World Famous Super Monsters

 Monster month continues with a long-overdue look at the Super Monster action figures by Azrak-Hamway International or AHI for short. This line only ran for three seasons but the amount of variations it produced is staggering. We also talk about the “unofficial years” that ran after.   Issue 1 of Toy-Ventures magazine is available […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Foreign Incredible Hulk Bendy- I’m not sure what’s worth more here, the card artwork or the expression on the Hulk’s face, that’s how I look when I see the kid’s mobile phone bill. Thunderbirds 2086 UK Annual- My goodness how much I loved Thunderbirds 2086, a Japanese show called “Scienctific Rescue Team Techno Voyager” that […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

AHI Sky Diving Parachuting Penguin- It should come as no shock that i love rack toys and especially ones with parachutes. The Penguin is actually a lot tougher to find than Batman and I really like the way the figure looks. Planet of the Apes Puzzle- Not much vintage merch features Charlton Heston but come […]