1983 Fisher-Price Adventure People Catalog

1983 Fisher-Price Adventure People Catalog

Fisher-Price Adventure People Catalog From 1983

One of the most influential Action figure lines of the 1970s, the Fisher-Price Adventure People were North America’s first 3 3/4″ line of action figures and vehicles. These durable toys had a great deal of play value and the toy line lasted for nearly a decade, which in the toy industry is a solid win.

Here we have a glimpse at the 1983 Fisher-Price Adventure People catalog where the adventure has more of a sci-fi slant, which is not surprising considering the popularity of Star Wars and Masters of the Universe at that time.

Fisher-Price Adventure People Alpha Star

Fisher-Price Adventure People Alpha Star Click to enlarge

The Alpha Star was a big-ticket item for Fisher-Price Adventure People in 1983, the addition of a space creature was unique to this set. The Alpha Star was a follow-up to the very popular Alpha Probe from the year previous. It is packed with electronic features like its predecessor.

Fisher-Price Adventure People Adventure Kits

The driver of the truck bears more than a passing resemblance to one Burt Reynolds. The Fisher-Price Adventure People kits were an attempt to get the child to build the vehicle they were about to play with and possibly attract a slightly older child.

Fisher-Price Alpha Probe
The Motor Cross set was made entirely or retooled parts from earlier sets, the man in the cowboy hat is the Ranger from earlier sets while the van is from the “Action news Team” set. The Alpha Probe was electronic, very popular and was offered for a couple of years.

Fisher-Price Sea Shark

Despite all the Science Fiction in the line, the Adventure people never lost certain themes such as Underwater exploration and racing. These later sets represent a slightly more macho attitude than the sets of the mid-seventies which came with a dolphin instead of a shark.

Fisher-Price Adventure People 1983
Many of the individual Fisher-Price Adventure People figures are retooled from earlier sets and made “Spacey”, take a good look and you’ll recognize some of them. They’re now super popular in the “Garage Toy” industry.

Astro Knight used to come with a glider that was a lot of fun. Individually he had very limited articulation.


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  • Jeremy Baker on July 24, 2021

    I had the space shuttle/alpha probe and the yellow space ship 359 and I would play Buck Roger’s with them or Integrate them with my Star Wars and pretend the Astronauts were like Buck Roger’s but woke I
    Up in a Galaxy far far away. I loved those and have kinda kept my eye out for one but Until now I just called it space shuttle. I didn’t know it’s called the alpha probe. Lol thanks for the info and walk down memory lane.

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