Toy-Ventures: Toy Hunt with me!

In this week’s episode of Toy-Ventures, I ask you to Toy Hunt with me as I take a tour of some antique malls and toy stores on my monthly road trip. In this episode I visit three different places on my journey: The One of a Kind Antique Mall (Woodstock, ON) Southworks Antique Mall (Cambridge, […]

Five Awesome Things on Ebay this week

Dragomovil– In Mexico, Dr. Steel is Big Jim’s enemy and he’s called “Doctor Drago” and it’s all more awesome there for some reason, it just is. I had one of these, sealed with the plastic and everything. I sold it when my first kid was born, I’m sure I had a good reason. I don’t […]

A world of Fisher Price Adventure

By ’81 I had moved on from the wholesome (and awesome) Fisher Price Adventure People line but it was such a happy memory that I can honestly remember pouring over the new sets in every wish book. I especially recall being kind of miffed about the submarine complete with octopus “Oh sure, now they come […]

Pod Stallions Mini Sode 4: Top Five Christmas Presents

Ok, this isn’t much of Mini as it runs over an hour (Boy, we can talk!) but it is a fun show nonetheless. For this “Mini” Jason proposed the challenge that we talk about our “top five” Christmas presents as kids. That’s a hard thing to pick but we managed. Topics include Kenner Star Wars […]

1975 Christmas Toy Store Flyer

Newspaper circulars for toy stores are a tough thing to find, often thrown out immediately it’s a shame when you realzie what a wonderful window into our world they truly are. Take this one for a store called “Hagensick’s Playroom” (great name) in Wisconsin, which features a veritible “who’s who” of hot items for the […]

1979 Fisher Price Adventure People Catalog

It’s often forgetten that Fisher Price Adventure People lead the 3 3/4″ charge of the 1970s. Their wonderful world was free of violence but just completely captivating. This catalog shows the line still going strong after Lucas with new innovation and a little dash of science fiction thrown in for good measure.: Check out the […]