The Adventures of Steve!

I have a real soft spot for generic knock-off action figures and I find this page from France kind of mind-blowing as I’ve never seen many of these “Steve the Adventurer” toys. The Mego like Steve was known as “Demo Man” in other parts of the world and his head is a really blatant copy of Big […]

Big Jim Vs Fighting Furies

It looks like pirates are about to break up Big Jim’s camping trip, I’d watch this if it were a movie…. Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Big Jim Vs Zorak

As much as I love this Big Jim, you knew the line was in some serious trouble when numerous wish books scaled their offering down to two characters.  I remember being kinda heartbroken in 1977 when I entered the Sears toy department and asked the clerk where the Big Jim stuff was, he turned to me […]

Dr Steel International

My pal Jesus posted this yesterday and it’s too good not to share, behold the many different faces of Dr. Steel one of my favourite action figures of the 1970s. Mainly known as Dr. Steel, the notable exceptions are when he’s called “Dr. Acero” (Steel) in Spain and “Doctor Drago” in Mexico but that’s only because Big […]

El Squadron Lobo Big Jim Gallery Updated

It’s been ten years since I updated my little tribute page to the Kid Acero line of toys and it was long overdue.  Known to us as Big Jim, Mexican toy maker Cipsa infused the line with a heavy dose of creativity. The result is a Big Jim’s wolfpack with a rich science fiction flavour. […]

Big Jim Motorcross Honda

Picked up this oddity at last month’s Kane County toy show. It’s the regular Big Jim Honda bike that was released for a couple of years but for some reason it’s got the Pack logo emblazoned on it. This isn’t a sticker either, it’s printed on the box. The best I can figure this is […]

The Undercover Story of Big Jim’s P.A.C.K

One of the most charming things about the Big Jim’s P.A.C.K toyline is it’s use of comics to market to children. They also employed legends to do them. The initial designs were by Jack Kirby and the later giveaway comic book was drawn by John Buscema. All of the later packaging had comic stories on […]

A Salute to Canadian Toy Packaging

It’s not a closely guarded secret that I’m Canadian. So on the day of my country’s 150th birthday, it seems duly patriotic that i share my favourite toys in Canadian packaging.  Due to having two official languages, we had different toy packages than the US and brother,  it’s tough to find.  Hunting these is my […]

Review: Comic Book Fever by George Khoury

I own a lot of books by George Khoury, in fact this isn’t even the first book by him that I’ve reviewed on this blog and I don’t read much, so that’s pretty special. The reason I own so many, is that George and I seem to like a lot of the same things. His latest […]

Go Exploring with BIG RED!

Big Red is one of those wonderful toylines that was created specifically for a catalog, in this case the Speigel catalog. A mix of Big Jim and GI Joe, I’ve had many folks tell me about having Big Red as a kid but honestly, I’ve never seen one as a collector. He kind of looks […]