Super Space Theatre Sales Kit

In the early 1980s, ITC Entertainment took their back catalog of (mainly) Gerry Anderson TV programs and edited them into a series of Television movies for the growing Cable TV market.  Dubbed “Super Space Theatre” these 14 movies were culled together from episodes of “Space:1999“, “UFO“, “Thunderbirds“, “Stingray“, “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons” and the […]

Grip Character Diecast Catalog

Click on the image to Enlarge. Eidai Grip diecast vehicles were produced in Japan during the 1970s and featured many popular TV licences not unlike Dinky and Corgi did in the United Kingdom. In fact, they shared many licenses like Gerry Anderson’s UFO (a personal favourite), Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. They also (understandably) covered Japanese […]

Space:1999 Eagle put-up Play-in

This is one of the coolest things I’ve shown in a while, a kid sized Eagle one. Also, unlike a lot of the stuff I show here, this actually got made! Thirsty for more Space:1999 Toys? check out these links for the 1976 and 1977 Mattel Toys Catalogs… . .


Beach towels are a facet of merchandise that kind of fascinates me, mostly because you just don’t see them very often. I guess that’s because people used them for their intended purpose, I remember my Wonder Woman and Star Wars towels were pretty much rags by the end. Seeing a strapping image of Martin Landau […]

Space:1999 Stun Guns R Fun

  I think the Space:1999 stun gun is one of the most iconic Sci-Fi weapons ever created. As a kid, I used a Staple gun until I nabbed the AHI water gun pictured above, it’s the most screen accurate toy produced in the 1970s IMO. AHI had a year of Star Trek sales under their […]

Pod Stallions Episode 8: Anderson is FAB

Seeing as it’s September 13th, there is no better time to talk about the creative force that was Gerry Anderson. Eventhough much of the man’s output was done before Jason and Brain were even an idea, their timeless quality has fans talking about them to this day.  The guys show the evolution in puppets from […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Gerry Anderson’s UFO

UFO colouring book (Unknown Publishing) Anyone who has read this blog might know that I am more than a little obsessed with this short lived SF series from the UK. While this Gerry Anderson show enjoyed popularity world wide, it seemed to really catch on in Japan where its vehicles and colourful cast still enjoy […]

Space:1999 Wrist Radio

There is something so satisfying about a low tech item being sold as something from the future. I’m sure the denizens of moon base Alpha kept the dial on 1050 for traffic and weather on the ones.