Ridiculous Rocky IV Rack Toys by Jak Pak

Rocky 3 seemed to have cemented the popular film franchise as a solid investment in toy licensing. We got Rocky action figures, Rocky trading cards and of course Rack Toys. For 1985’s Rocky 4, Jak Pak Toys sought to cash in on all that sweet brand recognition with some logical and silly merchandise; let’s dig […]

Remco Beaver Patrol Catalog

I recently found this sell sheet (that I believe is from 1970 for a line Remco unironically dubbed “Beaver Patrol.” It was before my time, but it’s so well-designed and charming.    I’m going to assume that a lot of these toys employed recycled tooling. Remco may have been the leading “Label Slap” toy company […]

Denys Fisher Android – Enemy of Cyborg

Denys Fisher Android I picked up this wonderful boxed Android from the Densy Fisher Cyborg Line at last summer’s PowerCon. It was a trade with my long-time and trusted friend Mark Huckabone, so I had never thought of opening it until today.   I got a real treat inside as the figure is C10 unused […]

Toy-Ventures Magazine: Stretch Monster announcement

Issue 12 of Toy-Ventures will have a Stretch Monster theme with interviews with the toy’s creator, Mr. Tim Efler, and the “kid on the box,” Mike Seta. Sporting a jaw-dropping cover by Peter Carsillo, this issue also features the craziest “subscriber prize” we’ve ever attempted. More on this next week during the Lincoln Monster DeadStream. […]

Jumbo Machinders Return!

  With the announcement that Bandai is releasing the Jumbo Machinder line starting with Mazinger-Z, I just had to dig up this early 1970s toy flyer with the toys themselves. This page, with its Henshin Cyborg, diecasts, and Microman, is somewhat overwhelming to take in. We 70s kids, of course, know Machinders as “Shogun Warriors,” […]

Bullmark Ultraman and friends Bop Bags!

    I plan to take a more comprehensive look at this 1972 toy catalogue from Japan’s Bullmark, but today, I just want to spotlight this fun page. There is something so infectious about this wall of inflatable Japanese Superhero bop bags; there is no way these wouldn’t have blown my mind as a kid. […]

Mini Godaikin Spider-Man Leopardon by Bandai

  This little guy magically arrived yesterday and it became my first toy opening of 2024. Behold the mini Godaiken of Leopardon, the giant robot from the Amazing Japanese television adaptation of Spider-Man. These appeared when I was in high school, and I immediately recognized them as Shogun Warriors. Shoguns were an unrequited toy love […]

1976 Action Figure Explosion!

I got this catalogue just after Christmas, and I wanted to close the year with the single reason I had to have it. This glorious page of plastic joy.  I never saw this page as a kid, but wow, that’s how the inside of my brain looked when I was five.  This page, with it’s […]