Dinky Toys Science Fiction Models- Star Trek- Gerry Anderson

Dinky Toys Science Fiction Models- Star Trek- Gerry Anderson


I found these wonderful pages from a 1976 Dinky catalog in my server and thought I’d give them a proper share, Dinky was the Rolls Royce of diecast and I love their licensed vehicles from Gerry Anderson and Star Trek with a passion, they’re just brilliant toys.

Their Eagles may have not had show accurate coloration at times but they certainly were great toys.

A lot of my friends had these vehicles from Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet growing up despite never seeing the series.

The Enterprise is one of my favorite Dinky pieces of all time.


UFO is my single favourite Anderseries and I treasure these vehicles.


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  • DBenson on March 31, 2021

    Still have Thunderbird 2 and even the tiny Thunderbird 4. Only thing is, the legs don’t work. The show itself came and went, unheralded, on a local UHF station with unstable reception. Decades later I stumbled across a couple of strange revivals. Both edited the original hour episodes to 30 minutes; re-recording with different voices and it one case intercutting with real teens supposedly occupying Thunderbird 5. Not sure either lasted a season.

    Never sought out other Dinkys, although I remember seeing other Thunderbirds recolored and packaged as generic spacecraft. I always regarded Corgis as the real top rank because they had neato versions of James Bond’s Aston Martin and the Batmobile.

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