1978 Father’s Day Catalog –

What better way to celebrate the day of the dad than with this 1978 Father’s Day Catalog from Eatons? Escape with me to a time when dads had bushy mustaches and a strong scent of pipe tobacco and Old Spice. This catalog has everything a 70’s dad could want, it’s got all the ties, underwear, […]

Atomic Joe Love

This page is from the 1975 Eaton’s catalog and I’m pretty sure I burned it into my brain that year. Joe’s world (and packaging artwork) has always captivated me and 1975 was a super special time for me…mainly because I was five. Atomic Man was a childhood favourite of mine (though the appearance of Steve […]

Some Sesame Street Toy Love

You can’t go wrong with a whole page of Sesame Street goodness like this 1978 Eatons Circular has. I still have my Fisher Price clubhouse and my kids use it every day. I do however find the Bert and Ernie Puppets on this page slightly disturbing. “Aaaaaaaggggghhhh!”

Eaton’s Toy Land 1979

This one’s kind of personal to me, seeing as my mom seemed to do most of her Christmas shopping with her Eaton’s Card. Three years after they stopped making Wishbooks, Eaton’s department stores made this cool newspaper circular that featured the hot toys of the time. From Muppets to Micronauts, Star Wars to Green Machines, […]