A Toy-Ventures Thank you!

Hello All, I’m very pleased to announce that issue 3 of Toy-Ventures is now available. I’m so excited to be on our third issue, this has truly been a dream. I mean, our living room is a total disaster and my back is killing me from lugging boxes but I can’t complain because the response […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this Week

Nomura Yamato Water Pistol- Oh wow, I love Star Blazers and drool at every toy made to be honest. This one especially catches my fancy because i could emulate the wave motion gun.   Action Man Storybook–  I am not terribly fond of military toys (more of an Adventure Team guy) but this thing like […]

Palitoy Commander Power; Fearless Defender of the Galaxy

Fortune smiled on me last month in the form of managing to pick up a Commander Power action figure.  Known to us kids as Super Joe, the British toy firm Palitoy made some fun changes to the line such as marketing the characters (Palitoy only selected 3 Super Joe characters) in large boxes and more […]

ROM joins Action Man

A year after Parker Brothers launched ROM in the US, Palitoy their UK distributor, inserted him into their Action Man Space Rangers line which is, a really good idea. I have to assume one of the challenges of selling ROM was that he was a pricey stand alone action figure made by a company that […]

1976 Clipper Toy Catalog from Holland

Sure things in Holland are a little different than here, their liquorice is salty and let’s just say their definition of “dutch oven” differs from mine. However, Christmases were pretty darn similiar to ours thanks to toy companies like Clipper who distributed some of the best selling toys and games the world has to offer. […]

Capturing the copter

Nick sent in this great vintage shot of him putting the stickers on his Action Man Capture Copter on Christmas morning 1978 and if I may add, doing a far better job than me of putting the stickers on. If you squint you can see a Mego/Palitoy Joker and Penguin right off the left. Nice […]

1982 Meccano Action Man Catalog

Meccanno Action Man 1982 Palitoy Action Man wasn’t just marketed to children in the UK it also spread to countries such as France, where Miro-Meccano brought the fuzzy haired, eagle eyed soldiers to market. In addition to 12″ figures, Meccano also brought in the popular 3 3/4″ Action Force line that was very popular at […]

Action Man Visits a Toy Shop

Tying in nicely to yesterday’s catalog, we have another cool toy store appearance by Action Man, well Action Men really as the regular and space version showed up at toy stores across the UK in a special vehicle. They didn’t show the car sadly but we do have a sweet, sweet shot of an Action […]

Palitoy Action Man 1979

While G.I. Joe was a fond memory for North American kids, he was living large in the UK under the guise of Action Man. Action Man was not only popular but he was outselling Star Wars action figures, which is no small feat.What differentiates the line from the G.I. Joe we knew as a kid […]

Vintage Toy Stores Part 8

It is always a happy time when I gather up enough shots of vintage and (sadly) no longer in business toy stores from yesteryear. In the latest installment we hop over the the UK for some staggering window displays for Palitoy Action Man (the UK G.I. Joe) then we’ll go back stateside to see some […]