Palitoy Action Man 1979

While G.I. Joe was a fond memory for North American kids, he was living large in the UK under the guise of Action Man. Action Man was not only popular but he was outselling Star Wars action figures, which is no small feat.What differentiates the line from the G.I. Joe we knew as a kid […]

Vintage Toy Stores Part 8

It is always a happy time when I gather up enough shots of vintage and (sadly) no longer in business toy stores from yesteryear. In the latest installment we hop over the the UK for some staggering window displays for Palitoy Action Man (the UK G.I. Joe) then we’ll go back stateside to see some […]

Action Man greets his public

Hopping over to the UK today for this weekend’s mall appearance with shots from a 1979 appearance of Action Man in Blackpool. To those not in the know AM is the UK version of G.I. Joe, although Action Man had more of a paramilitary flavour and was wildly popular, in 1979 he was outselling Star […]

Bear Hugs From Space

I blogged about my fascination with the G.I. Joe intruder last year. I still don’t get why Hasbro thought an outer space cave man was a good first nemesis for G.I. Joe but I also can’t deny I’m kind of smitten with him. Above my newest cheap ebay score, a boxed UK version of Intruder. […]