GI Joe Action Team Catalog from Germany

GI Joe Action Team Catalog from Germany

In Germany, they called Hasbro’s GI Joe “Action Team,” a perfect name as Action Team blends the popular US themes of the Adventure Team with the military stylings still prevalent in the United Kingdon under the Action Man banner.
This early 70s catalogue showcases many popular GI Joe sets from both continents, along with some cracking photography.
In these days of global branding, we never get to see the creativity that regional distributors could infuse into a toy line like this.

GI Joe Action Team Catalog
GI Joe Action Team Catalog
Unlike Hasbro in the US, the GI Joe Action Team catalogue names our characters.

We’ve got Hard Rock, Tom Stone (who was also a Palitoy Action Man character) and John Steel. It all sounds like a 70s action movie I’d own on Blu-Ray.

GI Joe Action Team Catalog
GI Joe Action Team Catalog
So nice to see the classic GI Joe set “Secret Mission to Spy Island” photographed so well here, with John Steel doubling as a bad guy!

GI Joe Action Team Catalog

Danger of the Depths was my favourite GI Joe set as a kid and well, it still is. I love it so much!

GI Joe Action Team Catalog

GI Joe Action Team Catalog

GI Joe Action Team Catalog
GI Joe Action Team Catalog
GI Joe Action Team Catalog

The Canadian Mountie was popular worldwide, heck it even sold in Canada in the 1970s along with some Western outfits. I remember seeing them at Eaton’s on my sixth birthday, I wish I had bought them and kept them MIB, they’re worth a bundle!
GI Joe Action Team Catalog
The GI Joe Action Team catalogue starts to get more into the military styling now. I believe many of these sets are taken from Action Man. While the US fell out of favour with military toys, Europe didn’t follow suit. 
GI Joe Action Team Catalog

Oh, those are the Western Outfits I saw as a kid, sorry I’m writing this as I go. 

GI Joe Action Team Catalog

The classic yellow helicopter was a standard for what iteration of GI Joe was marketed.

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  • Mike on February 10, 2022

    That’s pretty awesome that they gave them names. I had all 3 of those (US) figures. Had a lot of fun with them, wish I still had them. Great pictures in the catalog.

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