1978 K-Mart Toy Flyer – Mego Superheroes

The newspaper flyer is still a great way to keep abreast of the hot holiday toys during any given year, too bad few folks decided to keep them after reading. This 1978 K Mart Circular (from the Chicago area) is a wonderful little window into that years potential toy purchases, many familiar faces can be […]

Jeering Joker and Glaring Gorilla

“Feel like Batman triumphing over his arch-enemy” yup, the ol’ caped crusader just loves to kill in cold blood, with a gun.  I’m beginning to think Frank Miller got his start in the toy industry. New Six Million Dollar Man Shirt in our Redbubble store! Don’t forget to join our new facebook group. Get the […]

1975 German Toy Catalog

I found this wonderful catalog from a German company called Spielzug, I remember my grandmother bringing me back some of these and how enthralled I was. It’s a really great slice of what lucky kids in Germany got, their own versions of GI Joe and Big Jim, as well as Barbie, Sindy, Lego, Playmobil and Steiff. Check […]

1975 Pied Pier Toy Catalog

I’ve never heard of Pied Piper Stores, not surprising, as I didn’t grow up in California in the 1970s. No doubt they were one of the many “Mom and Pop” toy store chains that at one magical time dotted our landscape. One thing i do know is that Pied Piper stores had a pretty grasp […]

Child World Toy Sale from 30 years ago

Seeing that it’s close to Christmas, let’s take a trip back 30 years and see what toys were on special with the 1981 Child World Flyer, celebrating the best playthings that 1981 had to offer.  You’ll find a lot of familiar faces in this one including Star Wars figures, Mego Superheroes, Intellivision, Jordache dolls, Fisher […]

1983 JC Adventures in Toy Land Catalog

Another fun trip down memory lane courtesy of the JC Penney toy flier. The Penney Flier always kind of went a step up normal advertising and this 1983 brochure looks more like a cool comic book than an advertisement. 1983 is a great example to have thanks to the metric ton of iconic 80s toys […]

The 1977 REMCO Toys Catalog

Remco’s name was purchased in 1974 by Azrak Hamway, a successful manufacturer of rack toys. AHI used the Remco brand to sell a more upscale toy but one that still utilized the many licenses integral to their core business. 1977 saw the introduction of Mickey Mouse to the fold and more Superhero (especially Batman) related […]

1974 Children’s Palace Toy Circular

Children’s Palace is a well known Toy chain to anyone who grew up on the East Coast, these castle themed stores were eventually bought up by Child World in 1977 and ran until 1992 when they finally closed their doors, leaving many a 70s kid in mourning.This 1974 Toy circular shows a retailer in it’s […]

1977 JC Penney Toy Flyer

Department stores used to have proud toy sections, so much so that they were a preferred destination when you had a few bucks to spend. You tagged along when your mom needed to visit the credit department, just so you could possibly swing by toys.One of the biggest back in the day was JC Penney, […]

A look inside the operation

I recently got interviewed about my catalog collection, I never considered myself an Ephemera enthusiast but I pretty much am. I decided to lay out as many catalogs as I can on my dining room table for the photo part of it.This is about half of it, the trouble with it is, it happened so […]