Why Does the Hulk Need a Helicopter?

Today’s site update is the 1979 Empire Toys Catalog. Empire didn’t make many trendsetting toys, mostly items to fit in with other companies existing lines and using a lot of licenses. Superman, Spider-man and the Incredible Hulk get a lot of face time here.

The 1976 Hasbro Catalog

Added the best parts of the 1976 Hasbro Catalog to today including the last year of G.I. Joe and the Adventure Team, Ricochet Racers, the amazing paint sets and Mickey Mouse.Oh and let’s not forget the Weebles!

1979 HG Toys Catalog

It’s not a household name but chances are you had some HG Toys gorwing up, their lines were simple but popular items such as puzzles and gun sets all utilizing the hottest tv stars of the day. From Godzilla to Barbapapa, from Vega$ to Alien, HG Toys had a really interesting mix of cool and […]