It’s Jigglin’ Time?

Behold the strangest bit of Marvel comic merchandise I have ever witnessed, it certainly beats Hulk Spider-Man toilet paper and that’s saying something. Behold “Jiggles and the Thing”, while that sounds like a Marvel team up between Tanya Roberts and Ben Grimm, it’s actually some sort of weird gelatin product. I’m not sure I’d eat […]

Amsco Marvel World

The Amsco Marvel World Playset is one of the most wonderful pieces of Superhero merch from the 1970s. An expensive collectible now, I think the major reason for it’s appeal is it was comic accurate in an era when it has no business being so. Seriously, Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum?

Marvel Superheroes Go Bowling

After a long week of travel, I’m pretty psyched to take my family to see the latest Marvel movie.  I absolutely love this piece by GLJ toys and the fact that never in my wildest dreams did I think that some day I’d have seen all of these characters on those bowling pins multiple times […]

The Amazing Spider-Brush

 I’m totally fascinated with little bits of weird super hero merchandise like this.  Here we have the marriage of hair care and our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, whose mantra of putting his name on everything would put Garfield to shame. This is all the handiwork of the standard Pyroxoioid Corp. (sexy name!)   This set solves […]

Pod Stallions 39: The 2015 Retro Awards

Happy New Year! It’s time for our annual salute to all the things that made us happy in 2015, especially those that harkened back to our childhoods and brother, did we have a lot to smile about. The 2015 Retro Awards salutes the movies, books, magazines and toys we raved about this year and we […]