1981 Parkes Run Colouring Book Catalog

Hey remember those big colouring books you got on birthdays and Christmas? They were done by a company called Parkes Run and they made a lot of cool licensed stuff using licenses like Superman the movie, Popeye, Peanuts and the Marvel comics characters! Adult Colouring books are the all rage right now but I’d settle […]

Marvel Comics Multi Mags 2 for 99 cents!

As readers of this blog know, I have a fondness for comic multi packs especially the Whitman ones for things like Micronauts or the Shogun Warriors. That’s why this 1981 ad from coluring book publisher Parkes Run (more on them later this week) intrigues me.  It seems that 1981, Marvel dumped Whitman in favour of […]

1980 Azrak Hamway (AHI) Toy Catalog

As one of the premiere rack toy manufacturers of the 1970s, Azrak Hamway International (most commonly referred to as AHI by collectors) ended the decade with a bang featuring new products featuring their hottest licenses. Most notably in this book are the Marvel and DC superheroes, Star Trek, KISS and the Universal Monsters. It is […]

Spider-Man Ricochet Racers

Ricochet racers were a cool concept on their own, it’s a neat looking laser gun looking rifle that shot cars! Sprinkle in Spider-Man and Captain America and few kids could resist them.

Bubble Funnies

My friend found these while we were on a flea market run and I gotta admit I was totally envious. I haven’t thought of these bubble gum and mini comic book combos in 30 years but seeing them just made me happy.  I now have to track down every one of these and Chu-Bops (the […]

1977 Fleetwood Toys Catalog

Fleetwood toys was one of the biggest and most prolific manufacturers of Rack Toys during the 1970s and 80s. In 1977, they were truly on top of their game as evidenced by the massive amount of licenses they had this year including the Marvel Comics Superheroes, Welcome Back Kotter, Starsky and Hutch, The Rookies, SWAT, Tarzan, the […]

Starlog stores in Japan

(click on any photo for an enlargement) Like a lot of 70s kids, I cut my nerdy teeth on Starlog magazine. It was basically my window into a world of wonder that wasn’t available where I grew up. As a struggling student in the 90s, I used to visit the Starlog store in New Jersey […]

Jointed Avengers

My pal Corey had these in his collection, a series of Spanish walll hanging heroes that remind me greatly of the Our Way Studios stuff from the mid 70s. While the Hulk is nice, I especially dig the Thor. If anybody knows how many characters were made or owns others, I’d love to see them, […]

Web Spinning Toy Love

What’s not to love about this 1977 licensing ad for Marvel Comics, it’s like Spider-Man is dropping a treasure trove of Mego items on you along with classics like Crazy Foam and Colorforms. That’s a monsterous improvement over  the usual rain and bird poop that normally falls on me from above…