Toy-Ventures: Big Jim Kung Fu Studio

Toy-Ventures: Big Jim Kung Fu Studio New to the channel? Subscribe! â–º Everybody’s Kung Fu fighting on this week’s Toy-Ventures with an in-depth look at the Mattel Big Jim Kung Fu Studio playset. We also discuss the Martial Arts craze that inspired this iconic 70s toy. Toy-Ventures Magazine is now available for subscription: Pod […]

Toy-Ventures: The Return of Big Jim?

Toy-Ventures: The Return of Big Jim? Toy-Ventures this week takes a detour from vintage and talks about this modern oddity. This three-pack of figures keeps popping up on eBay containing current versions of Big Jim, Pulsar and Major Matt Mason on Secret Wars bodies. Three characters I’d welcome back to the toy shelves with open […]

The Incredible Dr Steel Commercial

Today is an epic day for Plaidstallions.  I finally tracked down the film reel to a commercial that has haunted me since 1975 and I get to share it with all of you.  I remember it vividly, watching Space:1999 on my parent’s black and white TV when this commercial aired. Already a fan of the […]

Professional Agents Crime Killers

New at is the 1976 Big Jim and the Wolf Pack catalog, the theme this year was Double Trouble and it’s seriously cool. As an added bonus I’ve added a few images of the toys in their boxes to the mix.