Kenner Street Hawk and Knight Rider- 1985 Palitoy Catalog

  As a fan of the short-lived television series “Street Hawk,” I was excited to discover some unproduced toy items hidden in the pages of this 1985 Palitoy/Parker Brothers catalogue.  The series launched that year in the US and would be cancelled after 13 episodes.   Kenner, we already had a toy hit with Knight […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Vanity Fair Joker (eBay Link) – This is the infamous shooting range toy that basically has Batman murdering the Joker and Hoo Doggie; this thing is rare. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one before in real life. I even contemplated bidding, which doesn’t make much sense for me personally, but this thing has […]

The Birth of Roboskull in Toy-Ventures Issue 8

  Issue 8 of Toy-Ventures magazine has a new milestone with the article “The Birth of Roboskull.” Action Force historian Tony Roberts (AKA Analog Toys) and Bob Brechin, the iconic toy’s creator, co-wrote this article. It’s always a true pleasure to get toy history from the source. Did you miss print toy collector magazines? So […]

1989 Galoob Star Trek TNG catalog

Lewis Galoob Toys inc took a major gamble in the late 1980s when it licensed the merchandising rights to the yet-to-air syndicated series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in the late 1980s. Star Trek had a varied history as a toy property. The television series would make millions for companies such as Mego. Still, the […]

The Last Star Fighter Prototypes Found

This past week I got one of those emails that I just absolutely live for and that is from the owner of the hand painted set of prototype figures for the Last Star Fighter. Pictured about is the original catalog page we showed here.  Originally proposed by Galoob, these figures never saw light of day, […]

1979 GLJ Battlestar Galactica toy Catalog

In 1979, GLJ toys (one of my favourite obscure toy companies from the era) did what a lot of toy makers did and grabbed a piece of Battlestar Galactica in the hopes it was the next Star Wars. Their specialty was inflatable toys, even vehicles for the action figures which is just awesome. It wasn’t […]

Blue Thunder Prototypes

While I remember the Multi Toys Blue Thunder Helicopter from the Toys R Us clearance center, I didn’t lnow how far they planned to take the series. This page from their 1984 catalog shows (kind of crude) prototypes for Bubba Smith, Dick Butkus, James Farentino and even Dana Carvey. There was even plans for non […]

Remco Monsters Prototypes

I am lucky enough to know the owner of these original factory pulls of the 9″ Remco Creature from the Black Lagoon and Phantom of the Opera figures. It’s also advantageous that he brought them over to my house last spring and let me photograph them. From the collection of the line’s sculptor, the difference […]

Pulsar, Sweathogs, Space:1999 and Shogun Warriors

The feature this friday is the boys action figure lines in the 1977 Mattel Catalog. It would be a great year for the toy giant, with the release of homegrown organic Superhero Pulsar and the imported Shogun Warriors line. Mattel also continued with TV licensing including the Sweathogs of Welcome Back Kotter and a second […]


Here’s one by Mego that never made it out, Frankenbumps was a twist on stretch armstrong except you could use a pump to vacum seal his bean filled body and you’d be able to twist him into different positions. If this at all sounds familiar it’s because Cap toys revived the concept years later as […]