Pulsar, Sweathogs, Space:1999 and Shogun Warriors

Pulsar, Sweathogs, Space:1999 and Shogun Warriors

1977 Mattel Toys Catalog
prototype martin landau The feature this friday is the boys action figure lines in the 1977 Mattel Catalog. It would be a great year for the toy giant, with the release of homegrown organic Superhero Pulsar and the imported Shogun Warriors line. Mattel also continued with TV licensing including the Sweathogs of Welcome Back Kotter and a second season of Space:1999 toys.

As a bonus, we’ve got exclusive shots of the original Mattel prototypes for the Space:1999 line including a never before seen 12″ commander Koenig. Check out the 1977 Mattel Catalog Here (Expect a Girl’s Version to follow in the coming months)

1977 Mattel Toys Catalog Some time this morning, World’s Greatest Toys Blog is asking you, where did you buy your toys? A blog about Vintage Toy Stores, you can’t be surprised I’d be interested in that.

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  • Dancin' Homer on May 9, 2008

    Welcome Back Kotter – where to begin?

    If you’re going to go to the trouble to give Kotter an attache case, shouldn’t he at least be able to hold it by it’s handle?

    “Washington with the basketball of his dreams”. WTF?

    Nice pose on Epstein. He looks like he’s proposing marriage or singing “Mammy”.

    They’re all wearing a “Sweathogs” patch – as the Sweathogs often did . . .

    And just check out that rattlesnake-skin jacket on Mr Kot-taer.

    One of the cheesiest figure lines ever.

  • wurwolf on May 9, 2008

    Really. Even Horshak is able to carry his lunchbox (although I suspect that glue was somehow involved).

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