Blue Thunder Prototypes

Blue Thunder Prototypes

While I remember the Multi Toys Blue Thunder Helicopter from the Toys R Us clearance center, I didn’t lnow how far they planned to take the series. This page from their 1984 catalog shows (kind of crude) prototypes for Bubba Smith, Dick Butkus, James Farentino and even Dana Carvey.

There was even plans for non helicopter toys! More on Multi Toys later on this Spring.

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  • Yeti's Yell on April 11, 2014

    I remember getting a Blue Thunder copter back in the day at Toys r Us and the picture on the box was like the one above but when I got it home it was the not that. Rather, it was the largest hunk of junk I've ever seen in my life with toys. It actually came with sheet metal screws to attach parts, was all blow-molded out of greasy black plastic and parts never fit together. The "canopy" was clamshell plastic that literally could not attach anywhere or be held on by anything (I used red rubber bands). Figures rolled around inside because there were no seats!

    Can you tell I'm still bitter? That was a lot of allowance saved and my first burn as a young consumer.

  • Anonymous on July 2, 2014

    Yeah! We brought it right back to Toys R US and got our money back. The manager told us everyone that was sold was returned! It was absolutely nothing like the toy pictured on the box.

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