1979 Beno’s Toy Catalog- Kenner Star Wars- Star Bird

I had never heard of this California-based chain of Toy Stores called “Beno’s” before but judging by this glorious catalog, they offered the best-selling toys of 1979 including of course, the Kenner Star Wars line, this beautiful time capsule is a joy to behold. GET Issue 3 of Toy-Ventures here! FACEBOOK GROUPS FROM PLAIDSTALLIONS Pod […]

Parker Brothers Video Games

Parker Brothers really seemed to dominate my video game purchases in the early eighties and seeing this toyfair ad from ’83 made me smile. They had my favourite arcade game of all time (Tutankham) and the Star Wars license, so my loyalty was assured… If I didn’t have one of their games, it surely was […]

1979 Parker Brothers ROM: SpaceKnight Press Kit

One of the biggest splashes in the toy industry is when game (and nerf) giant Parker Brothers decided to make an action figure. Not just any action figure but an electronic space hero with bells and whistles not seen before. Rom was truly a toy ahead of his time and while he didn’t prove to […]

Rom Com

I find it really funny that ROM’s tie in comic book would prove to be the more popular item and actually the thing folks remember more than the toy line. I doubt either gentlemen at this meeting thought that would be the case at the time.   For more ROM visit the 1979 Parker Brothers Electronics […]


Water damaged catalogs always make me sad but lucky for me I salvaged this great pic of a Nerf store display. Come to me Nerf Man, obey…..

1978 Parker Brothers Electronics Catalog

Parker Brothers was already a household name for board games and in the 1970s, like a lot of other toy manufactureres, they were attempting to the name in the growing electronic game market. Competition was fierce but Parker in 1979 had some memorable concepts like Merlin and Wild fire Pinball. While ROM: Spaceknight was a […]