1979 Parker Brothers ROM: SpaceKnight Press Kit

1979 Parker Brothers ROM: SpaceKnight Press Kit


One of the biggest splashes in the toy industry is when game (and nerf) giant Parker Brothers decided to make an action figure.

Not just any action figure but an electronic space hero with bells and

whistles not seen before. Rom was truly a toy ahead of his time and while he didn’t prove to be the smash that Parker Brothers hoped, thanks to a relationship with Marvel comics, he became a much beloved comic book character.

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  • ED on August 19, 2011

    WOW, cool seeing this again. Part Darth Vader with heavy breathing and part Cylon with his red eyes. He didn't have much of a backstory, I never saw any of the comic books, but he was a great toy to play with by himself. I used to take him on car trips and the breathing and rocket noises would eventually drive my family crazy. Thanks for the memories!

  • DVC on August 19, 2011

    In my perfect late 1970s tie-in comic book-infested worldview, ROM would've had an adventure in which he encountered 'Mighty Max: The Maximum Man' on a far flung alien world for some earth shattering, pulse-poundin' crime fighting!

    Of course, considering the rate at which Marvel Comics movies are made these days, I'd say there's still hope : )

  • PDXWiz on August 20, 2011

    Wow, I'd forgotten how strong this advertising campaign was! I really wanted him. I did manage to get a bunch of the comics and was really serious about them for a while. I think I owned all but a couple of the series.

    Hey! Just noticed—both Robocop and Optimus Prime of the Transformers are distinct ripoffs of his design. Prime's chest design (not the colors, but the shapes) looks a lot like Rom, and Robocop overall bears a strong resemblance (even if the style of the heads are different).

    To make this as a modern movie would be great. The Dire Wraiths he fought were not dissimilar to Marvel's Skrulls, and as aliens infiltrating Earth to be fought by Rom and other Spaceknights, would be one helluva great film franchise. There's always another nest of Dire Wraiths to destroy, more Spaceknights to market, er–I mean team up with. This would be a humongous success today.

    Gordon Long

  • I'm Not A Robot( yes i am ) on August 29, 2017

    I loved the ROM Toy and the comics were even better ! Thanks Bill Mantlo !
    A movie sounds like a wonderful idea although ah , er , I'm afraid Hollywood would do a terrible job . The special effects would be good but the story ? I'm sure they'll make ROM a kid or something dumb like that or worse , get the Kardasshian's involved somehow . Even a Jerry Lewis tie in would be better than what they may propose .

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