1979 Parker Brothers ROM: Space Knight Press Kit

1979 Parker Brothers ROM: Space Knight Press Kit

    1979 ROM SpaceKnight Press Kit

One of the biggest splashes in the toy industry is when the game (and Nerf) giant Parker Brothers decided to make an action figure.

Not just any action figure but an electronic space hero with bells and whistles not seen before. Rom was truly a toy ahead of his time and while he didn’t prove to be the smash that Parker Brothers hoped, thanks to a relationship with Marvel comics, he became a much-beloved comic book character.

Parker Brothers ROM: Space Knight

Parker Brothers ROM: Space Knight

Some pretty gorgeous promotional materials show that Parker Brothers took ROM the Space Knight very seriously in ’79.

Rom’s respirator really freaked me out as a kid in the commercials, how I wanted this guy.


Parker Brothers ROM: Space Knight Press Kit

Ages 5-14? Do you mean I wasn’t a complete geek for buying Super Powers figures in the ninth grade? It’s like a weight has been lifted!

Parker Brothers ROM: Space Knight

The Press still PB used to promote Rom to the trade and the media. If I am not mistaken this image of Rom: Space Knight appeared in Starlog magazine that year.


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