New Video: Tomland Famous Monster of Legend

Very happy to showcase my latest video collaboration with Jason Lenzi, this month we tackle one of my passions, Monster action figures in the most appropriate month to do so. The Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend are one of the rarest sets of monster toys in the world and in this volume we try to […]

Mego Mad Monsters Love

I adore the Mego Mad Monsters, it’s definitely in my top five all time Monster toy lines (which I’ll speak more about this month). While Mego didn’t get the Universal license, they created a really crazy series of generic Monster figures that even glow in the dark! Here’s Mego Dracula and the Mummy in their […]

Space Sword!

Nine years after first posting a want ad on here, I am finally reunited with my beloved Space Sword. This is all thanks to Mark from the soon to be open Dr Tongues I Had that shop in Portland Oregon.  Mark saw my plea and sold me his childhood space sword. The quest is over […]

Glowing Monster Puffy Stickers

One of the things that I see every morning that makes me happy is a panel of these, produced in the late 1970s by God only knows who, these puffy stickers appeared everywhere when I was a kid. I’ve got some in on my old Black Hole lunch box, they’re in an album and I’m […]

Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Archive Launches

It may seem odd to launch a Monster themed page in December but it’s Halloween all year round at my place and it’s rare these days that I get this excited, so it simply couldn’t wait. Tomland is probably best known for the Star Raiders, an 8″ Mego like line of action figures clearly meant […]

Fun with Glow in the Dark

Glow in the dark was always a selling feature for me as a kid, it really gave toys some extra play value, especially anything related to monsters. So i thought it would be fun to turn out the lights and see these things in action. Above are the Remco Mini Monsters and there is more incandescent toy […]