Monster Squad Dracula Costumes

No better time than Halloween than to discuss costumes and my love of the 1976 Monster Squad Television series. Collegeville had the license to the series and while they didn’t make a Frank Costume, they sure went to town with Dracula. Below are all the variations I’ve found thus far of his store bought costumes. […]

Sid & Marty Krofft Halloween Costumes Gallery

One of the biggest influences of my childhood were the Saturday morning programs created by the famed Canadian brothers Sid and Marty Krofft. I don’t think I was alone judging by the amazing variety of Halloween costumes available almost every year of my childhood. Thanks to my pal Dave McKroffterson for sharing his amazing and often […]

Costume Spotlight: Goldar from Space Giants

There is nothing I love more than Halloween Costumes based on obscure properties and brother does this fit the bill. Space Giants was a 60’s Japanese TV series that ran in syndication until the late 70s. This outfit was actually produced towards in the tail end most likely due to a renewed interest in science […]

Atari Halloween

For some reason I didn’t add this page to the 1983 Collegeville Catalog when i did it and it only took me 7 years to figure that out. I can’t imagine the conversations when the designers were told tha they had to develop a costume for Asteroids but in the end, I can’t say I could do […]

Pod Stallions 22: Store Bought Costumes

As the title suggests, episode 22 delves into the wonderful world of Halloween costumes but none of that “Home made with your mom’s love” kinda junk, this talks about the good old “smock and mask” stuff you got at places like Woolco or Kresge’s. In what is probably our most visual episode, Jason and Brian […]

Hairy, Scary Monsters from Collegeville

1982 saw the Universal monsters depart Ben Cooper and move over to Collegeville for a glorious rebranding. The monster were all given weaves, gorgeous new packaging and Collegeville even added the Metaluna Mutant to the mix. This Friday’s Pod Stallions is all about Store Bought Costumes of yore, hope you’ll check it out. For more […]

1974 Kusan Halloween Catalog

Kusan may not be as well known as Ben Cooper or Collegeville for Halloween  and they certainly didn’t get the “A” licenses but they sure knew how to create some innovative and highly creative costumes. From ideas like combining a kazoo into a Halloween mask to Licensing teen heartthrobs like David Cassidy,  this is not just a […]

Costume Spotlight: The Shadow

   I gotta say, I’ve got nice friends. This month is always a bit of a stretch to come up with a whole month of Halloween updates. Enter my pal Matt, Shadow collector extraordinaire (check out some of his cool collection here) . While I knew Collegeville made a Shadow costume, I had no idea […]

Gerry Anderson Toy Tribute

The passing of legendary TV producer Gerry Anderson yesterday, put me into a real funk. Anderson created two of my favourite science fiction series of all time in UFO and Space:1999, not to mention a pile of super cool kid’s programming in the 1960s.  The man was a visionary, Whenever Anderson’s name appeared, awesome merchandise […]