Podcast Alert!

I sat in with “Tank” from the Underscoop Fire podcast last week as we gave some running commentary to the 1979 Collegeville Costumes catalog. The conversation ranges from KISS to Marie Osmond and as always, I slip in some “A Man Called Sloane” references (somebody has to!).  It was a lot of fun to do […]


My pal Corey (who always has neat stuff on Ebay) sent in some really cool photos of the different costumes produced for shows created by legendary TV producer Gerry Anderson and well, there is no better time to look at these, just gonna seem weird tomorrow. More  Collegeville/Ben Cooper fun after the jump… First off, […]

Halloween 1979

I’m loving this photo sent to me by Jeff who is in the 1979 Collegeville Wolfman costume and his twin is in the Collegeville Skeleton. Jeff’s uncle in the cool Don Post Skeleton mask and Dad is the Werewolf, also by Don Post. The Kooky Spooks Bat is his cousin.  That’s a family portrait worthy […]


I am really excited to say that I’ve made a major find and it’s timing couldn’t be better seeing as it’s a Collegeville costume that I didn’t think was real. More after the jump.. When I first posted this costume in the 1973 Collegeville Catalog three years ago,   I thought it was the coolest Halloween costume […]

Frankenstein in Spaaaaaaaace

  My friend Corey sent me this image the other day and it’s such a goofy marriage of two things I like, that I’m surprised I hadn’t seen it before. I’m assuming Collegeville had the bright idea that NASA would send monsters into space or is it that Astronauts were coming back as monsters, I’m […]

1974 Centsable Halloween Catalog

  Centsable, the people behind Socker Boppers also did a good business in Halloween costumes, who knew? This 1974 catalog shows that while they did in fact have several decent licenses like the Hanna Barbera clan , they were not above creating some of the ballsiest knock offs of the decade nor did the seem […]

Halloween: 1973

James didn’t have any vintage Halloween photos to submit  so he sent in a video of his cool Halloween party from ’73. James is dressed as Frankenstein but I also spotted a Collegeville The Spider costume, which I think I wore in ’75. Thanks James!  For more 1973 check out the Collegeville Costume Catalog from that year:  

1981 Collegeville Costume Catalog

Followers of this site and blog will know that Collegeville is a favourite subject around here, that’s likely because I got a ton of these as a kid combined with the fact that they got some really cool licenses. This is a Canadian version of the Catalog (by a company called Norbin) and I highly […]

Costume of the Week: Ultra-Man

As much as I’d like to say I own this killer Collegeville Ultraman suit, I don’t. Fortunately for me, Corey volunteered some shots of his collection to the blog including the two variations of this classic suit, more after the jump. Above is the first version suit and smock, I don’t know why they chose […]