1975 Child World Flyer -Mego-Fisher Price-Evel Knievel-Star Trek

As far as 70s toystores go, none are as far remembered and beloved as Childworld, a chain which had at one point 180 stores across the united states. This 1975 flier preserves what they had to offer during that time including the greats like Mego Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. This is the […]

Pod Stallions 38: Irwin Allen 1

This month’s show starts off with Jason talking a little bit about his BAFTA Flash Gordon event but then segways into the works of Irwin Allen, primarily his TV work of the 1960s. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants and Time Tunnel as well as the busted […]

Aurora Monster Scenes Store Display!

We’ve got an incredible treat this Friday before Halloween in the form of this incredible Aurora Monster Scenes store display, courtesy of my pal Matt, who will take over from here with the editorial. This was actually assembled and painted at the Aurora factory, and then shipped built up to hobby stores. Frankenstein doesn’t come […]

PodStallions Episode 10: Glows in the Dark (Monster Toys)

Our second October episode, Jason and Brain try to cram in as many monster toys as they can into an hour and a half.  Aurora model kits, Marvel comics, action figures by Tomland, Remco and Lincoln International get discussed as does Cracked magazine, Power Records, the number of times we rented “LifeForce” on VHS (I’ve […]

Kar-a-a-ate Men!

I had honestly forgotten that the correct spelling of this toy isn’t “Karate Men” but “Kar-a-a-ate Men”  which is infinitely cooler. As much as I see this fun toy in the wild, I rarely see them in the box.  The box gives me goosebumps, it really connects into Christmas morning 1975, where I really could […]

The Victim Mystery Solved

For years now, it’s been bugging me if this 6 inch fashion doll that has been dubbed “The Victim” and said to be part of the Lincoln Monsters line of toys was a real thing or not. I had heard from people over the years who claimed to have her as a kid or saw […]

Nerd Therapy Sessions: Aurora Barfealis

This tale takes me to 1976  and it’s a tale of Superheroes, long boring car rides and toy loss. More after the jump, warning to the first three rows, you will get wet… The set up to this story is that my Dad was a self employed “rack jobber” to the convenience stores across Ontario. […]