1975 Child World Flyer -Mego-Fisher Price-Evel Knievel-Star Trek

1975 Child World Flyer -Mego-Fisher Price-Evel Knievel-Star Trek

As far as 70s toystores go, none are as far remembered and beloved as Childworld, a chain which had at one point 180 stores across the united states. This 1975 flier preserves what they had to offer during that time including the greats like Mego Star Trek and Planet of the Apes.

This is the third Toy Flier I have from 1975 with Mego Star Trek on the cover, thank goodness for Star Trek collectors saving these.

The Fisher Price Sesame Street set is the big get here, this was the first year it was launched.


Mego’s Wizard of Oz line was also launched in 1975, it was a big year for licensed toys.


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It’s kind of weird to see the Planet of the Apes adventure set mixed in with growing up Skipper and Holly Hobbie.


Evel Knievel was still a super hot toy in 1975 and surprisingly the Mego planet of the apes dolls still sold despite the series getting canceled almost a year earlier..

Those flock haired Karate Men were under my tree that year, I always wanted to turn them into action figures.


Hedstron, Huffy and Murray….


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  • DBenson on January 2, 2021

    I got the Sesame Street set for my niece several decades ago. I was impressed (more so than she was) by how functional everything was. Figures, props, doors and windows were all on the same scale and mostly functional, unlike some of the toys of my own 60s kidhood. The army men, spacemen, cowboys, and other little guys always seem to come with vehicles and buildings too small for them, and I’d get peeved when openings and even furniture were just printed onto a wall.

    Had the Apes movies started to appear on local television yet? That might have given the franchise a bit more mileage in those pre-video days. Also remember that the series got a second wind edited into a package of syndicated “movies” hosted by Roddy McDowell as Cornelius. Then again, maybe a current show wasn’t necessary for a franchise that familiar. “Wizard of Oz” was still an annual network event, and it felt like everybody had it memorized.

  • top cat james on January 2, 2021

    …[S]urprisingly the Mego [P]lanet of the [A]pes dolls still sold despite the series getting canceled over a year earlier.

    You’re overlooking the Saturday morning animated series, RETURN TO THE PLANET OF THE APES, that was airing at this time.

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