Aurora Monster Scenes Store Display!

Aurora Monster Scenes Store Display!

We’ve got an incredible treat this Friday before Halloween in the form of this incredible Aurora Monster Scenes store display, courtesy of my pal Matt, who will take over from here with the editorial.

This was actually assembled and painted at the Aurora factory, and then shipped built up to hobby stores.

Frankenstein doesn’t come with the set. He is a vintage one from my childhood

There is little I can say about the Monster Scenes that hasn’t already been said except that, in my opinion, they are the single greatest monster toy line to come out of the 1970s. 

They surpass even the Ahi monsters, as far as I’m concerned. If ever a toy line typified the early 1970s, this was it. 

Only in that decade could you get a model kit that was an action figure with a diorama that you built in order to reenact scenes of torture. 

No other decade would dare market a toy to kids rated “X” as a double-entendre. No other toy was made in that decade that so simply and directly tapped into that pre-adolescent boy mindset– that transitory period where one is on the verge of transitioning away from loving “kids stuff” like monsters, and starting to think about girls… 

No one else has ever released a toy with that same cheerful mix of innocence and sadism. One would consider such a feat to be near impossible. But Aurora did. And it was the rock upon which they sank.

Here is the set with a random assortment of boxed Monster Scenes– including the rare package variant “Victim” renamed as “Dr Deadly’s Daughter” for Canadian markets. 

Thanks to Matt for being so awesome and sharing this piece of 1970s gold. Happy Halloween Everyone!

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