Aurora Monster Scenes Store Display!

We’ve got an incredible treat this Friday before Halloween in the form of this incredible Aurora Monster Scenes store display, courtesy of my pal Matt, who will take over from here with the editorial. This was actually assembled and painted at the Aurora factory, and then shipped built up to hobby stores. Frankenstein doesn’t come […]

Headquarters for Evel Knievel Action Products

Discovered this in some documents featuring Ideal toys from 1976 that I’ll feature on the site in the very near future, a photo of the different Ideal toys store displays, the belle of the ball being Mr Knievel. The displays for Mousetrap and the Junkyard game are particularly inspired, I miss the days of paintings […]

Bionic Displays

  I’m really digging these store display shots I found in a Kenner promo piece for the Bionic Man. I honestly remember the outfit display as a kid, which had no effect. I had a million Big Jim and GI joe outfits as a kid but had no desire to change Steve Austin’s clothes. Fashions […]

Greatest store display ever

Jodi sent in the wonderful store display that she spied in an antique mall. It’s sadly not for sale, which is too bad because i’d be tempted to get it despite the marital strife it would (understandably) cause. Can’t explain why magically being whisked to the Sears Men’s department in 1974 gives me goose bumps […]

Planet of the Apes store display

My pal Corey, a purveyor of amazing treats and the guy who gets a majority of my pay cheque (Seriously check out his Ebay auctions) sent me this photo of a Planet of the Apes store display from 1974. As a lover of all things POTA, it was a joy to see but the name […]

Popular Kenner Toys as seen on TV

I got an early Christmas present in my mailbox the other day in the form of these Kenner store display photos, which were likely meant as internal documents showcasing their hottest toys for 1978. As we all know that was a year of Bionic Men and Women, Stretch Armstrong and massive block buster known as […]

More Fisher Price Store Displays

Brian from Ant-Toys strikes again!,we last heard from him when he sahred his amazing find of 1970s Fisher Price Adventure People Store Displays and now he’s back to share some toy history, this time it’s about other FP lines like Muppets and Little People: I still have a few of these Little People vehicles kicking […]

Fisher Price Adventure People Store Displays

I’m currently working on the 1978 Fisher Price Catalog, it’s large so it’s taking a some time. One of the things I love about any old toy catalog are the occasional shot of a store display, they’re usually pretty biased to one thing but they give a little look of what was. I thought I’d […]