Ideal S.T.A.R Team Marvel Promo Comic- Knight of Darkness

Ideal S.T.A.R Team Marvel Promo Comic- Knight of Darkness

In 1978, Ideal Toys hobbled together a series of toys using old molds and previously used brands to captilize on the popularity of Star Wars (and its lack of product on the shelves. Yes, lawsuits did happen.

In an effort to create a back story kids might enjoy Ideal contacted Marvel comics (Yes, the people making the officially licensed Star Wars comic) to create a promotional piece outlining the adventures of Zem and the evil Knight of Darkness. It’s a gripping tale written most likely in an afternoon


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  • Travis Morgan on May 2, 2021

    Hi Brian, love your podcast with Jason. This comic is just scary. I can’t believe Dave Cockrum and Archie Goodwin had anything to do with this. This is no Micronauts or ROM, The Space Knight. Thanks for sharing it. It is Dyn-O-Mite! My favorite 70s catch phrase.

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