70s Superhero toys in Japanese Starlog – Mego, Remco, AHI and More!

70s Superhero toys in Japanese Starlog – Mego, Remco, AHI and More!

I recently stumbled across this fantastic issue of Japanese Starlog, which was a lot like the US version, except its graphic design was way more exciting.
This particular issue has a feature on all the imported Superhero toys from the US you can buy. So the best way to describe it is like a Heroes World catalogue but from the future.

Mego Superheroes in Japanese Starlog

Mego Superheroes in Japanese Starlog

This page makes me weak in the knees and it’s not just the gem-mint carded Mego Riddler on display. Those Mego Comic Action Heroes’ deluxe sets with the Batmobile and Spider-Car are big favourites of mine. I also don’t have that AHI parachuting Superman.

Mego Superheroes in Japanese Starlog


This lovely ad uses the dreaded “D” word; everybody run! As a kid, I did chicken out of buying a Mego Catwoman because I feared my friends seeing a girl doll. I regret that behaviour to this day. I use the term “Man-Dolls” with sarcastic pride, and so should you.

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Mego 12" Superheroes in Japanese Starlog

This page contains many happy memories, especially the Mego Spider-Car, Corgi Jrs and those awesome 12″ Mego Superheroes, see below for my video on the 12″ Superman range. 

Thor merchandise in Japanese Starlog

As a kid, I only ever saw Superhero t-shirts in ads like this. I would have loved a Captain America and never dreamed of seeing a Thor. Strange, now I can’t leave the house without seeing a Superhero t-shirt. I actually stopped wearing them.


Superhero belt buckles in Japanese Starlog

The Superhero belt buckles were a Heroes World Staple, as are those Sunglasses by Nasta. The Superhero record case is another old friend of mine. 


Whitman Superhero colouring books

I loved those Treasury Edition-sized colouring books of the Superheroes by Whitman and have featured them here before. Those Hasbro art sets are another item I was unaware of as a child.

Japanese Starlog AHI Rack Toys

The glorious Rack Toys by AHI are only eclipsed for me by the Chemtoy Spider-Man web maker, a very happy afternoon of play.


Batman popcorn art Janex clock

I had those Superhero sheets at the bottom, and I still use them. Amazing how far the Janex Batman alarm clock got, it seemed to be everywhere.


Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 9

Issue 9 of Toy-Ventures magazine is about the Mego Comic Action Heroes; get yours today!


Japanese Starlog featuring Star Trek Power Records.

Lots of Star Trek in here as well, this is Starlog magazine after all. I always welcome Power Records.

What I wouldn’t give for that Spider-Man Pendent.


Our Ways Studios Planet of the Apes and Superheroes

Those Ourways Studios jointed Giants are so wonderful; I covet the Planet of the Apes Galen.


If you want more Starlog, check out this episode we did about the US 1980 Starlog Merchandise guide.


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  • 70's Guy on February 22, 2023

    Ooooh, that Mego Falcon! I love the Mego Falcon. My friend back in grade school had one but I could never find one in the stores, I really searched.

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