Mego Lex Luthor in wave 19 Worlds Greatest Superheroes

Mego Lex Luthor in wave 19 Worlds Greatest Superheroes Although he has no superpowers to speak of, Luthor has come closer to defeating Superman more times than any of his other adversaries. With his brilliant mind, Luthor’s schemes nearly always come close, until his massive ego gets in his way. No matter the situation, it’s […]

Vintage Mego: Mego Mystery SOLVED!

Tonight at 9:30: Vintage Mego is back with a mind-blowing update; for decades, Mego collectors have wondered, “Who is this guy?” and, well, we finally know his name. #brickmantooth #megomuseum #mego If you want to read about this, check out Toy-Ventures Issue 11 with features an article about this discovery: #mego #megomuseum #actionfigures Mego […]

70s Superhero toys in Japanese Starlog – Mego, Remco, AHI and More!

I recently stumbled across this fantastic issue of Japanese Starlog, which was a lot like the US version, except its graphic design was way more exciting. This particular issue has a feature on all the imported Superhero toys from the US you can buy. So the best way to describe it is like a Heroes […]