5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Ben Cooper Lost in Space Halloween Costume (eBay link) My buddy Matt sent me this earlier in the week, saying he was pretty tempted. I’m not sure what the greater appeal is for me, Lost in Space itself or that mid-century look.  HR Pufnstuff Witchie Poo Doll (eBay Link) – I don’t know what’s more […]

70s Superhero toys in Japanese Starlog – Mego, Remco, AHI and More!

I recently stumbled across this fantastic issue of Japanese Starlog, which was a lot like the US version, except its graphic design was way more exciting. This particular issue has a feature on all the imported Superhero toys from the US you can buy. So the best way to describe it is like a Heroes […]

Sesame Street Alarm Clocks

Sesame Street Alarm Clocks Talking alarm clocks were a staple in the 1970s, with the Janex Batman and Robin set being one of the most memorable. I love the juxtaposition of these choices, the exceptionally chipper Big Bird would be welcome on Friday but let’s face it, Oscar would be the less annoying wake-up on […]

Janex Talking Alarm Clocks

As a kid, I really wanted this Batman talking alarm clock by Janex but I now think over time I would have to grown to hate Batman.  I’m not a morning person. Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

1978 Janex Toys Catalog

Janex Toys is largely known to children of the 1970s for their talking alarm clocks featuring Raggedy Anne, Batman and Bugs Bunny. However the company put out a lot of different toys and concepts (most of them centering around talking) during their tenure and held a good deal of popular licenses. 1978 saw Janex release […]

Holy Bed Head Batman!

After doing a bit about the Superman Talking Alarm click it seemed fitting to discuss this one, probably the most memorable of all Janex talking clocks. I seem to remember TV commercials for this although I could be wrong. I wanted one as a kid but the more I go through old catalogues, the more […]

Superman Talking Alarm Clock

Janex is probably best known for their Batman and Robin talking alarm clock which was a big hit. Their Superman clock is lesser known and no wonder, while Batman and Robin started your day with their snappy ” Hey Chum and Holy This!” banter, Superman seemed to just nag you. I mean “Better get up […]