1979 Beno’s Toy Catalog- Kenner Star Wars- Star Bird

I had never heard of this California-based chain of Toy Stores called “Beno’s” before but judging by this glorious catalog, they offered the best-selling toys of 1979 including of course, the Kenner Star Wars line, this beautiful time capsule is a joy to behold. GET Issue 3 of Toy-Ventures here! FACEBOOK GROUPS FROM PLAIDSTALLIONS Pod […]

Your 1977 Robot Selection

Tomy’s Mighty Max is a really neat toy that often gets mistaken for a Micronaut or a Shogun Warrior. I wish more records were included with playsets, I think it adds a neat quality.  New Six Million Dollar Man Shirt in our Redbubble store! Don’t forget to join our new facebook group. Get the expanded […]

Rascal Robots

Rascal Robots by Tomy were such a “right place/right time” creation. Awesome wind up robots that fit in with your Star Wars “guys”? Who wouldn’t want that? Personally I liked to pretend mine was IQ9 from “Star Blazers”.

Fashion Plates

Over the years I’ve known women who have told me they asked for Tomy’s Mighty Men and Monster Maker only to receive this, the so called “girl’s version”, Fashion Plates. My wife was one of those people, luckily her brother got the MMMM, so she still got to play with it. Not to put down Fashion Plates […]

Ultra-Men and Monster Maker

Leave it to the Japanese to make a fun toy more “funner” (it’s a word), here we see what I can only imagine is the original version of we here in North America know as “The Mighty Men and Monster Maker” easily one of the coolest toys from my youth. In Japan however, their version […]

Tomy makes monsters

The Tomy Mighty Men and Monster Maker was one of the more memorable toys of my childhood, from the moment I saw the commercial, I was single minded in my purpose to get it for my birthday which I luckily did. That meant the entire month of October preparing my house for Halloween, as toys […]