Cool Collections: Chris’s Apes

Chris sent in this way cool pic of his Planet of the Apes collection, the centerpieces being these original screen worn soldier ape outfits. The one with the stripe was used in the TV episode “The Horse Race”, guess what that was about. Thanks Chris for sharing, as always I am filled with a nice […]

Cool Collections: John’s Monsters

I LOVE it when folks share their collections with me, especially when it’s stuff near and dear to my heart like Monster toys. John was kind enough to give us a peak into his lair today and it’s a drool worthy assortment of old and new, more after the jump. If you dare! A lot […]

Cool Collections: Sammy

I got a cool Halloween Treat this week froim my pal Sammy from the Mego forum, he was kind enough to get into the Spooky spirit by sharing his collection of Aurora Monster kits and AHI Super Monsters. Both of these are like kryptonite to me, so check out all the fun after the jump: […]

Cool Collections: Colbie

I’ve done a couple of ebay transactions with Colbie in the past, so I knew he some great toy tastes but recently he sent shots of his toy room and will admit to being gob smacked, so much to see, it’s like walking into your childhood.Ahh, Vintage Star Wars, Black Hole even the foreign produced […]

Cool Collections: Thomas Meuleman

October is the perfect time to highlight the cool custom Mego Monster figures from my pal Thomas in Belgium. He’s both made and collected 8″ versions of the classic Universal and Hammer monsters for his collection. I love his Christopher Lee Dracula figure.You can check out more, including his cool 1966 Batman customs here.Got a […]

Cool Collections: Chris Jeffreys

Chris sent in the cool pic of his KIng Kong merchandise from the 1977 remake, all of this stuff was made by Mego and is really hard to find. I have to admit I love that Japanese Vinyl. Here’s a page about 1977 Mego King Kong Merchandise in case this whetted your appetite.

Cool Collections: Ray Miller

It’s been a while since I had a cool collection to feature and along comes this excellent collection of Aurora Prehistoric Scenes models from Ray Miller. Ray’s staggering collection doesn’t just include regular items, there are true pieces of toy history in there including the original hard resin copy of the prehistoric bird kit and […]

Cool Collections: Kyall

Kyall sent me this wonderful (I’m sorry about that) Wonder Woman collection today, the world could use more Lynda Carter, that’s what I always say. Check out Kyall’s Wonder Woman Collector’s site here. And if you have a collection you’d like to share, drop me a line!

Cool Collections: Dion Thurman

I’ve always wanted to do features on people’s collections, so when Dion offered shots of his 70’s toy collection, there was no better place to start. Above we’ve got three staples of the seventies, KISS, Jaws and the Six Million Dollar man, sweeeeeet! I spy and Aurora Creature kit and a Vincent Price Shrunken Head […]

GI Joe collection for sale

My Pal Jesus sent me an email full of pics of incredible 300 figure plus G.I. Joe collection and mentioned to me that it’s for sale. He has Joes from all over the world, Italy, Canada, Spain and most of all, Mexican Lili Ledy Joes which are different from US versions. I’ve had dozens of […]