A Corduroy Christmas

I’d like to pretend this is a snippet from our office Christmas party. Thank you  everyone for a really terrific, positive year. I deeply appreciate all the kindness and laughs you’ve shared with me by reading, listening and writing in, I am humbled by the responses I get to this crazy project. So as I go […]

Beno’s Toys Christmas book from 1979

Seeing as Christmas and shopping is all that on our minds right now, let’s take a look at the specials offered 36 years ago with the Beno’s Toy flyer. I’ve never heard of this California based chain but I sure recognize the toys like Kenner Star Wars, Play-Doh and a metric ton of classic hand […]

Merry Christmas!

Hey All, I’m about to embark on my annual Christmas hiatus from all things polyester and plastic for a few days. I’m not going to lie, 2014 was  rough and at times, it made me want to throw it all away . What really kept me grounded was all the positivity and kindness i received from you […]

Colouring BooK Theatre: Spiderman’s Christmas

Spider-Man’s Christmas: Giant Story Colouring Book by Marvel Books I found this book at a flea market the other and seeing how it’s Christmas, I spent the money and nabbed this gigantic book from 1984. It’s done in ’84 by the Marvel Bullpen so it’s nicely done rip of the Parkes Run books from the […]

The Christmas Letter

Above is me, Christmas 1971 after having dined on my sister’s (absolutely delicious) play-doh. It’s the first Christmas I made awkward but certainly not the last…. I just wanted to say take the time to wish all of you a warm and happy Christmas and prosperous new year. 2013 is a year that I’m mostly […]

Pod Stallions 12: Wish Book Kids

It’s December and we wouldn’t even have this site if it weren’t for the 70s Wish Book catalogs that magically landed on our door steps every fall. Episode 11 is dedicated to our crazy 70s Christmas memories, the letters to Santa, the arms length wantlist and how Star Wars just turned the whole thing into […]

79 Micronauts love

I love old Christmas catalogs, I love Micronauts but the 1979 Sears Canada catalog will always be a favourite of mine as it holds a special place in my heart. My Micronaut love really piqued in 1979, spurred on by those glow in the dark aliens with gorgeous Ken Kelly package art. However, the real […]


Seeing as it’s December (which I’m actually surprised about, seriously where the hell did November go?) and this site is about catalogs, I am launching “Wishbook-A-Rama”. Each week I’ll post different Christmas catalog spreads, some you’ve seen, some you haven’t and we can all make our respective wish lists. This will be combined with the […]

A Corn Syrup Christmas Special

I know I said I was done posting and on holiday but then Tom (who sent in this above bit of awesomeness a few years ago) sent me an early present.  This home movie shows Tom giving his mom a lesson in how to work a Stretch Armstrong properly. If that wasn’t cool enough, it’s […]

Christmas is…..Soft Knits

And don’t you *&%^ing forget it! Nothing in this life, did I loathe more than that prerequisite itchy V neck sweater from an Aunt and Uncle. I have never been more honest in saying “You shouldn’t have”…