Rack Toys in your stocking

Hey, even Santa has a budget and shoving a cheap-o rack toy into your stocking is a time honoured, fun tradition. There’s nothing particularly Christmassy about what’s inside the display but it didn’t matter. I’ve put together a collage of different Christmas dump bins (I’ll always giggle when typing that word) from the shag decade. […]

70s Santa Explosion

Let’s kick the week off right with a sampling of  Santa suits and other bric a brac from the era when I knew he was real. I will say that suits like captain eyebrows above, give me the willies. It probably has to do with a childhood viewing of “Tales from the Crypt”, not the […]

PlaidStallions 70s Christmas-O-Rama Week

Seeing as this blog is pretty much a celebration of 70s Christmas catalogues, it seems only fitting to make the entirety of next week a Texas sized helping of all the things that make Christmas what it is. So get ready for mountains of itchy sweaters, gaudy ornaments, plastic Santas,  strange stocking stuffers and more cardboard chimneys […]

A bounty on his head

This vintage toy shot means a lot because well, it’s me. I found this picture while cleaning my garage last weekend and it’s one that’s very special. 12″ IG-88 was not easily found in Canada (and purists will note that’s an American box beside me) and I remember being really happy with this. Sadly, I […]

A Funky Christmas to one and all

Wishing one and all a joyous holiday season and a happy anad prosperous New Year from the entire PlaidStallions Team. Thank you for reading and writing in, making me laugh and overall being amazing. We’re taking the whole week off at PS and launching next Friday with the 2011 Retro awards, see you then!

Steve Austin Goes Toy Shopping

Seeing as it’s Christmas time I thought it would be fun to bring up this vintage bit of strangeness. These captures from the fourth season of the Six Million Dollar Man, the episode is “The Bionic Christmas Carol”.  You see in 1974 Gerald Ford passed into law the “Dickens Act” which meant every TV show, […]

1977 Western Auto Toy Catalog

Christmas is that magical time when stores that don’t normally carry toys start selling them in a big way. In my neck of the woods it was Canadian Tire but for many of you in the states Western Auto was the unlikely source of fun. Known year round for Auto parts and fire arms, Western […]

A Very Special Message From Brick Mantooth

Thanks to everybody for a great year, 2009 wasn’t my greatest personally but the one thing I could look forward to were the great folks who chime in here, make me laugh, send me stuff for the site and most of all, feel the love. The experience doing this site and blog has been wonderful […]

Christmas Wishlist 1979

This is one of my more cherised items, a Christmas wish list I created in 1979 clipping items out of the Sears catalog. As you can see the Mego collecting bug was strong even then and I still can’t spell millenium. As I recall it was a pretty great haul and yes, I got a […]