1977 Western Auto Toy Catalog

1977 Western Auto Toy Catalog

Christmas is that magical time when stores that don’t normally carry toys start selling them in a big way. In my neck of the woods it was Canadian Tire but for many of you in the states Western Auto was the unlikely source of fun.

Known year round for Auto parts and fire arms, Western Auto stocked the hottest toys during the holiday shopping season.

1977 was a great year to believe in Santa, boys got bionic and stretchable heroes, even ones with guts you could see. Girls got Donny and Marie and Farrah hair for everyone!

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  • Retro Hound on December 17, 2010

    I used to work at Western Auto. When I started, it was pretty much auto parts, tires, and a few appliances and bicycles. By the time I left, it was all auto parts and tires.

  • Jamie on December 24, 2010

    Your post on this made me write this on my blog last week:

  • Tonya M on May 1, 2012

    And now I know where most of my Christmas gifts when I was 3 came from. I've spotted quite a few things I got for Christmas that year from the Mickey Mouse Chatter Chum, to the Blue Mickey Radio. I also got the Holly Hobbie Luggage and the Ballerina Music Box. I think there's a picture of me somewhere surrounded by all of this stuff with a bleary-eyed "My parents dragged me out of bed" look on my face.

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