Pod Stallions 82: John Saxon

Pod Stallions 82: John Saxon

Pod Stallions
Pod Stallions
Pod Stallions 82: John Saxon
We’re back and paying tribute to a legendary genre-defying star of film and small screen, John Saxon. He played A-List to C-List productions, hero or villain he could do it all, and as a bonus, he really knew karate!

Topics include Enter the Dragon, Gene Roddenberry, Roger Corman, Six Million Dollar Man, Rosie Grier, Jim Kelly, James Coburn, Battle Beyond the Stars, Booth Coleman, Kung Fu, Fantastic Journey, Falcon Crest, Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert Vaughan, Genesis 2, Planet Earth and Maskatron.

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  • Alan on September 30, 2020

    I just got “Planet Earth” on DVD from Warner Archive…only for them to announce they’re doing a Blu-ray with that and Genesis II on the same disc. Timing!

    • Rick Dunn on October 1, 2020

      Same here! I ordered all three, including Strange New World, about three weeks ago.

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