Ridiculous Rocky IV Rack Toys by Jak Pak

Rocky 3 seemed to have cemented the popular film franchise as a solid investment in toy licensing. We got Rocky action figures, Rocky trading cards and of course Rack Toys. For 1985’s Rocky 4, Jak Pak Toys sought to cash in on all that sweet brand recognition with some logical and silly merchandise; let’s dig […]

Toy-Ventures: The Saga of Tonka’s STEEL MONSTERS

In honour of the release of Furiosa, Toy-Ventures looks at the most excellent 1980s Post-Apocalyptic Toy Line: Tonka’s Steel Monsters. It was all things “Mad Max” except for the name. How did such a gorgeous toy line fail? What didn’t get made? We get the scoop from the creators. #toyventures #tonka #MadMax   Get Issue […]

Plaid Stallions 18th Birthday Contest

It’s Plaid Stallions’ birthday, and now I can ship it off to college or the army I guess. Starting this site on a lazy Saturday while my baby daughter napped was more important than I’d ever realized. I had no idea that when I started posting old catalogue photos online. Starting Plaid Stallions would open […]

7 Awesome Things on eBay this week

  Spider-Man and Captain America Richochet Racers (eBay Link) — I’ve never owned these toys but have always been obsessed with them since I saw them at my friend Richard’s House. None of it makes sense and none of it has to, I always loved the comic book ad for this, it also makes zero […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Filmation Flash Gordon Iron-On (eBay Link) — I’m tempted to buy this, as much as Filmation‘s Tarzan will forever be my great love, this series is a total zenith for the company. Welcome Back Kotter Bulletin Board (eBay Link) I spend a lot of time goofing on Sweathog merch so it seems fair to showcase […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Superheroes ROTRADRAW set (eBay Link) I’ve never heard of the Rota Draw sets before but after seeing one of these on Instagram, I became smitten. I can’t imagine it worked well but there is a certain hypnotic quality to that DC Comics stock artwork.   Souvenir pillow from the World of Sid and Marty Krofft […]

Pod Stallions: Microcops VS Space Police : Busted TV Pilots round 2

Star Trek vs Star Wars. Tolkien vs Herbert. Coke vs Pepsi. And we add one more head-to-head battle into the Thunderdome: Microcops vs Space Police. Yes, we did the work, so you don’t have to. Two busted TV pilots, both in the law enforcement genre, only one will suck a little less than the other. […]

Pod Stallions 117: 2023 Retro Awards

Pod Stallions 117: The 2023 Retro Awards Hey listeners- it’s 2024! What better time than to look backwards at 2023? We took our time this year and decided to really hone our lists of our fave movies, tv shows, toys, DVDs and other sundries that were gifted to us in ’23. We cover many ground, […]

Toy Talk Show: Tim Baron (

Episode 3 of Toy Talk Show is here, and this time around, we’re chatting with the artist and toy designer Tim Baron. We talk about influential toy packaging, Tim’s work with Super 7 and Tony Hawk, Star Wars and the joys of skateboarding after 40. It’s a great conversation! Find Tim Baron at   […]