Pod Stallions 117: 2023 Retro Awards

Pod Stallions 117: The 2023 Retro Awards Hey listeners- it’s 2024! What better time than to look backwards at 2023? We took our time this year and decided to really hone our lists of our fave movies, tv shows, toys, DVDs and other sundries that were gifted to us in ’23. We cover many ground, […]

Pod Stallions: Doctor Who at 60

We’re not ones to dwell on the passage of time (and let’s face it, no one wants that shock to the system) but it IS hard to believe that it’s now been 60 years since two schoolteachers went to that junkyard for the trip of a lifetime, and Doctor Who began. Luckily, according to the […]

Pod Stallions: Trick or Treat Grab Bag

Pod Stallions Episode 114 Trick or Treat Grab Bag. Anyone who knows the Pod Stallions boys knows our love of Halloween borders on the obsessive. In fact, it’s so strong that one single topic isn’t enough for our final Halloween episode. So this one’s a Trick R Treat Grab Bag of sugary, monster-loving goodness. Movies, […]

Pod Stallions 113: Halloween TV Episodes

Pod Stallions 113: Halloween TV Episodes Pod Stallions returns with an episode about all the times sitcoms got spooky, Mrs. Garrett vs Cannibals, Fonz fights a headless zombie, and Vincent Price is filling the Love Boat with blood! #podcast #podstallions Listen to Pod Stallions on Spotify     Check out our latest video: BraIn Join […]

Pod Stallions Shorts: Halloween Commercials

It’s Spooky Season, and we’re kicking it off with a look at some nostalgic Halloween Commercials from the 70s to the 1980s. Check it out, and remember, Peter Pumpkin says, “Don’t crisscross the streets!” Look for a new audio Podcast this weekend as well. #podstallions #vintagehalloween #halloween #halloweencommercials BraIn Join our weekly newsletter. The Super […]

Pod Stallions Shorts: New TV shows for 1978

Another Pod Stallions video short; this time, J & B check out the new fall TV season for 1978. WKRP! Taxi! Battlestar Galactica and a pile of shows you’ve probably never seen or remember. We also check out some “youth-orientated shows” from the 1970s, like Delta House.     Join our weekly newsletter. The Super […]

Pod Stallions 112: Movie Serials

Before the MCU and Multiverses, before the Snyderverse, before the summers that the Shadow and the Phantom RULED the cineplexes (didn’t they?), it was a world when the superhero and pulp characters reigned supreme in Saturday morning serials. The precursor of the modern action movie, their impact can be felt to this day , and […]

Pod Stallions 111: Busted TV Pilots Round 1

¬†Welcome to the first of what is a new obsession with us, Busted TV Pilots! For the inaugural episode, we’ve chosen two absolute doozies starting with the “Man from the 25th Century” AKA “Irwin Allen’s Kitchen Junk Drawer.” Followed up with Jason’s choice, the American version of “Spaced” which, totally doesn’t suck. Then we trail […]

Pod Stallions 110: What We’re Watchin’

Pod Stallions 110: What We’re Watchin’ Keen-eared listeners of the Pod Stallions podcast know that those boys can talk, know a lot of stuff and have opinions, whether they’re asked for or not. Each episode peels back another layer of the enigma-onion that is BraSon, revealing more of their likes, loves and mehs. We thought […]