Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview

Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview Pod Stallions returns with another video episode. This time we do commentary for the amazing ABC TV 1972 Saturday Morning preview with Burns and Schreiber. Superfriends! Lassie! Bug Bunny and that dreamy Rick Springfield, sigh…. Watch the original here: #filmation #podstallions #batman Pod Stallions FaceBook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/podstallions Listen […]

Pod Stallions 103: Martin Short

    Pod Stallions 103: Martin Short Some things in life are constants: the sun goes up/down, the world turns, Coke & Pepsi will never see eye to eye, and dogs RULE. There’s a comfort in that, never better exemplified than by a Man Called Short. Martin Short. Always gives 100%, always 100% funny no […]

Coming Soon: Pod Stallions Mini Figures

Pod Stallions Mini Figures Despite not having a booth at SDCC this year (maybe next year?), we have a special reveal. Presenting Pod Stallions Mini Figures. 3″ tall representations of our show mascots Ron: SpacePimp and Satin Monster. Their look is inspired by the amazing Tomland Toys Mini Monsters and will come in various colours, […]

Pod Stallions: 1980 Starlog Merchandise Guide

Pod Stallions: 1980 Starlog Merchandise Guide We originally recorded this for another show but missed the deadline, however, why throw out good content? Especially when we had so much fun? We talk about the yellow pages of Science Fiction goodies from 1980, the Starlog Merchandise guide including blueprints, Kenner Star Wars and of course, the […]

Pod Stallions 102: Doctor Who Magazine

Even as kids, the Pod Stallions boys voraciously kept up with their periodicals. Newsweek, National Geographic, Highlights and Dynamite, to name a few. But one mag stands above all others for most information gleaned: Doctor Who Magazine. (Formerly DW Monthly, formerly DW Weekly).     Without whom we wouldn’t have been half as Who-smart as […]

Pod Stallions 101: The Summer of 84

 Well, Summer’s just around the corner and going out to the movies seems to be making a comeback, so what better time to reminisce about those way-back muggy months when the inside of a cool theatre was a weekly ritual? This time it’s the Summer of ’84: Venkman’s, Thugees, Starfighters, Mogwai, Nerds and the […]

Pod Stallions 99: More Planet of the Apes

Pod Stallions 99: More Planet of the Apes Never say we don’t finish things, here is the second part to an episode we started in 2015 (we were just kids them) where J and B discuss the many Planet of the Apes sequels, the tv series, the cartoon, the Tim Burton movie and the Matt […]

Pod Stallions 98: The 2021 Retro Awards

New to the channel? Subscribe! ►https://bit.ly/3D3zxJK We’re living in such strange times that it truly feels like yesterday that we were going over our ‘Best Of 2020’ list, commenting on how quickly we got there. Well, we blinked a few times and 2021 is done and gone, so here we are again with our picks […]

Pod Stallions 96: Mummy Movies

Pod Stallions 96: Mummy Movies As we approach all Hallow’s Eve, Jason and Brain talk about the bandaged terror that is the Mummy! From Imhotep to Kharis and sort of back to Imhotep again. We try to cover every Mummy movie we can over the course of the last 70 years. Pull up a sarcophagus […]