Pod Stallions 109: Questions from the Group

For years now, ⁠Pod Stallions⁠ fans have been wondering what makes its enigma-like hosts tick: what are their loves? Hates? Favorites? Secret crushes? Where do they go when they cry? Did they really nearly come to blows with two other podcast hosts debating the best Phantom, Paradise or Opera? Well, some of those and many […]

Presenting the Lincoln Monsters Collectible Pins

Presenting the Lincoln International Monsters Collectible Pins by Toy-Ventures Collectibles. The Lincoln International Monsters are one of my favourite childhood memories, and I always want to find ways to work with them. I designed each pin based on the original packaging art I’m utterly infatuated with. The idea came because I wanted to make a […]

Pod Stallions Shorts: Japanese Toy Commercials

‘Because our last lil’ mini for the 70s Saturday Morning preview went so well, we thought we’d give it another go. Only this time: a supercut of Japanese Toy Commercials from the 70s! We figured 18 minutes of brilliant and insightful commentary, and voila! Another Pod Stallions masterpiece to deliver to the masses. Um, except, […]

Pod Stallions 108- The 2022 Retro Awards

Pod Stallions 108- The 2022 Retro Awards   They always say ‘better late than never’, and we here at Pod Stallions live by that credo. So here then, just in time for early ’23 comes our Retro Awards show for 2022! Yes, once again, you can play from home and check off all the cool […]

Pod Stallions Shorts: Dear Santa

We here at Pod Stallions H.Q. haven’t fully given up on the notion of Santa, or some similarly benevolent but less popular entity, taking requests for the Big Day. So in ultra-modern fashion, we’re broadcasting our Wish Lists rather than risking the letters getting lost in the holiday shuffle. Who knows, maybe someone’s listening and […]

Pod Stallions 107: Movies based on TV Shows

RSS for PodStallions Get PodStallions on Spotify   “Pop quiz: What do The Flintstones, The Wild Wild West and Car 54, Where Are You? have in common? Is it that they could ALL have used more Victor Buono? Well, frankly, YES. But more importantly, they’ve all had big screen re-makes/re-imaginings for this episode! Yes, as usual, […]

Pod Stallions: The Addams Family

Pod Stallions: The Addams Family Who comes to mind when you think creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky? That’s right, the Pod Stallions boys! Oh, and The Addams Family, and since we clearly have so much in common, we thought it best to wrap up our October ’22 celebrations by praising the Addamses in all their […]

Pod Stallions 105: The Munsters

Pod Stallions 105: The Munsters It’s that time again, when you curl up with a good horror movie and a bucket of candy and celebrate all that’s creepy, which means it must be October and time for Pod Stallions’ double dose of chat for the Greatest Holiday Ever Made. To show just how seriously we […]

Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview

Pod Stallions 1972 ABC Saturday morning preview Pod Stallions returns with another video episode. This time we do commentary for the amazing ABC TV 1972 Saturday Morning preview with Burns and Schreiber. Superfriends! Lassie! Bug Bunny and that dreamy Rick Springfield, sigh…. Watch the original here: #filmation #podstallions #batman Pod Stallions FaceBook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/podstallions Listen […]

Pod Stallions 103: Martin Short

    Pod Stallions 103: Martin Short Some things in life are constants: the sun goes up/down, the world turns, Coke & Pepsi will never see eye to eye, and dogs RULE. There’s a comfort in that, never better exemplified than by a Man Called Short. Martin Short. Always gives 100%, always 100% funny no […]