Pod Stallions 107: Movies based on TV Shows

RSS for PodStallions Get PodStallions on Spotify¬†¬† “Pop quiz: What do The Flintstones, The Wild Wild West and Car 54, Where Are You? have in common? Is it that they could ALL have used more Victor Buono? Well, frankly, YES. But more importantly, they’ve all had big screen re-makes/re-imaginings for this episode! Yes, as usual, […]

Pod Stallions: The Addams Family

Pod Stallions: The Addams Family Who comes to mind when you think creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky? That’s right, the Pod Stallions boys! Oh, and The Addams Family, and since we clearly have so much in common, we thought it best to wrap up our October ’22 celebrations by praising the Addamses in all their […]

Pod Stallions 105: The Munsters

It’s that time again, when you curl up with a good horror movie and a bucket of candy and celebrate all that’s creepy, which means it must be October and time for Pod Stallions’ double dose of chat for the Greatest Holiday Ever Made. To show just how seriously we take it, for Ep 1 […]

Pod Stallions: Watchmen

  Who Watches the Watchmen?? WE do! And we’ve read it, too! Yes, it’s time for a very special heartwarming episode of Pod Stallions, where we cover the apocalypse-straddling, superhero-deconstructing epic classic by A—M—- (name redacted) and Dave Gibbons. It’s original release, the ’09 film, the prequel/sequel comics, merch, HBO series and even the Dr […]

Pod Stallions 103: Martin Short

Pod Stallions 103: Martin Short Some things in life are constants: the sun goes up/down, the world turns, Coke & Pepsi will never see eye to eye, and dogs RULE. There’s a comfort in that, never better exemplified than by a Man Called Short. Martin Short. Always gives 100%, always 100% funny no matter what, […]

Presenting the PlaidStallions Polyester Pals

  Presenting the PlaidStallions Polyester Pals Satin Monster and Ron: Space Pimp, our Podcast Mascots, will soon be available as collectible inaction figures we’ve dubbed “Polyester Pals”. Each Polyester Pals figure will be sold in an old-school baggie with a header card by regular Toy-Ventures contributor Chris Franklin. Look for Polyester Pals at or […]

Pod Stallions: 1980 Starlog Merchandise Guide

Pod Stallions: 1980 Starlog Merchandise Guide We originally recorded this for another show but missed the deadline, however, why throw out good content? Especially when we had so much fun? We talk about the yellow pages of Science Fiction goodies from 1980, the Starlog Merchandise guide including blueprints, Kenner Star Wars and of course, the […]

Pod Stallions 102: Doctor Who Magazine

Even as kids, the Pod Stallions boys voraciously kept up with their periodicals. Newsweek, National Geographic, Highlights and Dynamite, to name a few. But one mag stands above all others for most information gleaned: Doctor Who Magazine. (Formerly DW Monthly, formerly DW Weekly).     Without whom we wouldn’t have been half as Who-smart as […]

Pod Stallions 100: Batman Movies

It’s hard to believe, but just a short time ago we had the wacky idea to record the pop culture-centric phone chats we regularly had, in the hopes that there’d be a few other people out there that would find them amusing. Seems our instincts were right, cuz we shut our eyes, hit the gas, […]

Pod Stallions 99: More Planet of the Apes

Pod Stallions 99: More Planet of the Apes Never say we don’t finish things, here is the second part to an episode we started in 2015 (we were just kids them) where J and B discuss the many Planet of the Apes sequels, the tv series, the cartoon, the Tim Burton movie and the Matt […]