Pod Stallions 105: The Munsters

Pod Stallions 105: The Munsters

It’s that time again, when you curl up with a good horror movie and a bucket of candy and celebrate all that’s creepy, which means it must be October and time for Pod Stallions’ double dose of chat for the Greatest Holiday Ever Made. To show just how seriously we take it, for Ep 1 we’ve asked old chum and repeat offender David Weiner (In Search of Darkness I-III AND In Search of Tomorrow) to join in the convo, as we cover funsters The Munsters! From the pilot, to theĀ  reunions and remakes, right up to the current Rob Zombie ‘re-imagining’, it’s all here in our latest episode.

This one’s sure to cause some water cooler moments or at least get us some feisty letters.

Drag-U-La yerself along to the new Ep of Pod Stallions!

Oh, and be sure to support David’s latest Horror Doc, In Search of Darkness 3 at 80shorrordoc.com

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