The Sweet Smell of Dracula

I couldn’t pass this up recently at a flea market, an early 80s Dracula air freshener and it glows in the dark (a total weakness for me). I’m not sure who thought Dracula = fresh smells but i’m a total sucker for this stuff. Because of me, they have to put that disclaimer.

The 1975 Azrak Hamway Toy Catalog

In 1975, Azrak Hamway International (AHI) was a toy company on the move producing mainly, low cost rack toys bearing such hot licenses at the time such as Batman, Spider-Man, the Universal Monsters and Star Trek. It’s no surprise that the 1975 catalog is a real treasure trove for any 70s kids, there is so […]

Bendy Mummy meets the Bendy Wolfman

I’ve never blogged about these two, the jewels of my bendy collection, the Mummy (with card artwork swiped from the Aurora model) and the Wolfman! Not sure who this shirtless gentleman is but he’s no Lon Chaney Jr. Unless that money tree i planted blooms, this is the closest I’ll ever come to this lagoon […]

Hairy, Scary Monsters from Collegeville

1982 saw the Universal monsters depart Ben Cooper and move over to Collegeville for a glorious rebranding. The monster were all given weaves, gorgeous new packaging and Collegeville even added the Metaluna Mutant to the mix. This Friday’s Pod Stallions is all about Store Bought Costumes of yore, hope you’ll check it out. For more […]

Spotlight: Funko Universal Monster Reaction Figures

Any reader of this blog can ascertain two things a) I like monsters and b) I’m fond of 3 3/4″ action figures. So it shouldn’t come as a big shock that when Funko made it’s announcement they were going to conquer the world with Kenner style figures, I was pretty excited. I’ll admit the majority […]

Chez Frankenstein

Aw yeah more 70s Frankenstein submissions! This one is from Seth who met the monster outside the House of Frankenstein wax museum in Lake George, NY the summer of 1977. I’ve always wanted to visit the House of Frankenstein, which is still in operation and opens next week. Thanks to Seth for the awesome photo. […]

Frankenstein: 1979

Adam submitted ANOTHER great shot of him at Universal Studios circa 1979. Thank you Adam! I don’t get enough Universal Monsters appearances here and being a huge Frankenstein fan this one brings me joy. Send me your mall appearance photos!

Phantom of the Theme Park

Adam submitted this great shot of him and the Phantom at Universal Studios circa 1979. Thank you Adam! I don’t get enough Universal Monsters appearances here. Send me your mall appearance photos!

Spotlight: Dr Shocker’s Vault of Horror

Today’s spotlight is the fun DVD Dr Shocker’s Vault of Horror, released this past fall, it is something I’ve been meaning to talk about for some time. If you like monsters and monster toys, you need to check this out after the jump. One of the nicer people I’ve gotten to know in this journey […]

Monsters For Christmas

This is another personal favourite and should come as no surprise, I like monsters. This page with personal favourites the Remco Monsters and my personal “White Whale” Gre-Gory brings a tear to me eye… Want more Remco toys in your diet? Click the Linkage below: .