5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week! Happy Friday! Logan’s Run Farrah Fawcett Towel There really isn’t enough Logan’s Run merchandise out there and honestly, there will never be enough for me. I do, however, have a soft spot for stuff like this towel, which is obviously meant to cash more in on the popularity […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Fantasy Island Posters– These are original store stock and the seller has a bunch. I don’t know how many kids wanted these in their rooms besides me but this is awesome. Lets all buy these and be a Fantasy Island club, who is with me? (thanks to Rockford for the tip) Whitman Doc Savage the […]

Five Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

Mighty Mightor Costume from France- The French really dug Mightor, I’m more of a Birdman guy myself but I think this costume, which makes the wearer go shirtless is the total bomb! Shadow Crime Fighter Super Copter– I can never get enough of these odd toys from the late 1970s, this one is rather affordable […]

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

Vinyl Phantom of the Paradise Figure– I already own one of these, I’m not a big collector of vinyl figures but I buy what I like and well, I really liked this. The visor comes off too. AHI Creature from the Black Lagoon on the card- While this is priced out of my range, it […]

Toy-Ventures 1: The Shadow Crime Fighter Detection Belt

New video series from, each episode will showcase a unique and interesting toy from our archive. This week it’s the 1977 Shadow Crime Fighter Detection Belt from Madison Industries. A curious bit of merchandise for a character that kids weren’t probably all that aware of at the time. Still glad it exists though. Look […]

Top Five Awesome things on Ebay this week.

Asteroids Halloween Costume- I can picture the designer at Collegeville just throwing up his hands and thinking “It’s 4:45, they’re getting this and I’m going home”. That’s why the mask for this looks like an infection I got on my back that time I used the pool in my old apartment building. Here is the Collegeville Costume […]

T Shirts: 1977

Looking at this selection of adult t-shirts,  I’m amazed by a few things 1) How much merchandise based on “The Shadow” was made in the mid 1970s 2) The whole CB thing and 3) Sears clearly owes Robert Crumb some money.

Toy Sale at Wards

This wonderful piece from December 1977 arrived this week and while I plan to show case the whole thing in loving detail next Christmas, it’s just to good not to share at least a little bit right now. Above is the Mattel Space:1999 Eagle which I think is on my 2014 wish list. I think […]

Costume Spotlight: The Shadow

   I gotta say, I’ve got nice friends. This month is always a bit of a stretch to come up with a whole month of Halloween updates. Enter my pal Matt, Shadow collector extraordinaire (check out some of his cool collection here) . While I knew Collegeville made a Shadow costume, I had no idea […]

The Shadow Merchandise Gallery

As a collector, one of the bigger mysteries I’ve enjoyed is the interesting amount of merchandise that appeared in the 1970s devoted to the character “The Shadow” whose heyday seemed to be at least 30 years prior to my birth. Click here to visit the Shadow 1970s merchandise gallery More  Groovy Superhero Toys from the […]